'The Bachelor': Fans React to Queen Victoria's Fiery Exit

Queen Victoria has been usurped! Overthrown? Either way, her reign is over! 

While she wasn’t queen of Matt James’ heart, Victoria was queen of all the drama this season on The Bachelor — until she was sent home on Monday night’s episode. As expected, Victoria didn’t go silently. 

“I honestly feel so sorry for you that you would listen to hearsay and not all of the facts behind a situation,” Victoria hissed at Matt after the rose ceremony, with her arms crossed over her chest. “So, goodbye.” 

Matt didn’t say a word — and neither did the other women — as Victoria walked out.

“You think I’m going to go hug him goodbye? No! And he just stared at me. Like, how dare you! He is not my king and I am still a queen. Matt is a jester. The fact that he chose Katie over me? [Gag.] Yeah Matt, I feel sorry for you for your choices,” she told the camera after her elimination. 

“I would be very surprised if the girls are like, OK that I left. The whole house is going to feel like sh*t that I was gone. Like, I brought so many people joy,” Victoria continued. “Whatever! Matt’s not the guy for me. I’m never dating another Matt as long as I live, ever. I hate that name now.” 

After weeks of watching Victoria cause drama in the house, fans took to social media to react to her departure.

watching victoria say her goodbye to matt and the girls #Bachelor#bachelorabcpic.twitter.com/P23yzWpl1H


Victoria: does Matt want a wife who creates drama or does he want a wife like me

Bachelor Nation: pic.twitter.com/8ug9zCjQm3

Victoria: And he just stared at me. Like, how dare you?
Also Victoria:#TheBachelorpic.twitter.com/9EL0ZFxr0T

not Victoria trying to hide in the back #TheBachelorpic.twitter.com/NguvJfzOcG

SEND HER HOME MATT!!!#Bachelor#bachelorabc

Bachelor nation right now #TheBachelorpic.twitter.com/0RPvlRV7jN

Bachelor Nation: we did it! victoria is going home!! #TheBachelorpic.twitter.com/gyCV0Ak1d3

Victoria signing up for The Bachelor, saying her only skill is Gaslighting #TheBachelorpic.twitter.com/EBF5AtEGFV

Matt: I thought Victoria had a big heart.

Bachelor nation: pic.twitter.com/Z1Mj4FFjxF

Victoria: “i’m literally the best option”

Bachelor Nation:#TheBachelorpic.twitter.com/xMPFgxys2O

bachelor nation when victoria’s on screen #TheBachelorpic.twitter.com/ea1ly6uJW3

Victoria’s elimination didn’t come as a big surprise. Matt had sat down with her at the cocktail party earlier in the episode to confront her about calling contestant Ryan a “ho.” He had just sent home Anna, after she spread rumors about Brittany being an escort — a claim which Brittany denied. 

“I had this conversation with Ryan, and before I could even ask her a question, she’s crying. And I’m just like… it was kind of similar to how my conversation with Brittany went about Anna,” Matt said. “Now I’m doing the other women here a disservice by not making this a safe space for everybody. People’s words are so powerful, and when you said that Ryan was a ho for being a dancer…” 

“That was completely taken out of context!” Victoria tried to explain. 

“Like, I’m just curious, what context would calling someone a ho be acceptable to be taken in?” Matt asked, to Victoria’s silence. “I just have a lot to think about.” 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 

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