The 11 Best Stripper Movies to Watch in Honor of J.Lo

For decades, stories about strippers have graced the big screens. The movies have been about working mothers trying to make ends meet, dancers escaping zombie invasions, and groups of hot men cashing in on women’s ultimate fantasies—Channing Tatum, thank you for your service. Now, Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and more, drops this week, flipping the traditional story on its head by making its dancers entrepreneurs who game the system and trick men into spending money while drugged out of their minds.

In honor of Hustlers, we decided to round up some of the best, sexiest stripper movies of all time. Take a look, stream, and maybe hit the pole for a killer ab workout afterward.


J.Lo’s and Constance’s characters team up to drug rich men, then bring them back to clubs to spend a shitload of money throughout the night. Other highlights include a Cardi B lap dance, Lizzo playing her flute, and Julia Stiles…doing journalism. Plus there’s a secret cameo from a famous R&B artist. We’ll just say, yeah, it’s pretty great.

Magic Mike

Channing Tatum brought his real-life stripper skills (yes, he was a stripper before he became an actor!) to this enjoyable comedy back in 2012. Channing acted alongside Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, and Adam Rodriguez in what’s probably the hottest two hours ever.

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Elizabeth Berkeley shed her “good girl” Saved by the Bell image by portraying a stripper in the 1995 film Showgirls. Her character moves to Las Vegas to pursue a dancing career.

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Chocolate City

Robert Ri’chard and Vivica A. Fox star in Chocolate City, a movie in which a struggling young guy enters the stripper world and threatens to take the veteran’s throne. There’s also a sequel, Chocolate City: Vegas Strip, on Netflix.

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Demi Moore stars as Erin Grant in Striptease. The film showcases a Miami mother’s struggle to regain custody of her child after her divorce and her adventures in stripping to earn the money to do so.

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Planet Terror

Rose McGowan acts as go-go dancer Cherry Darling as she tries to escape evil zombies.

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From Dusk Till Dawn

Before Britney Spears carried a snake during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2001, Salma Hayek had one wrapped around her while playing a vampire stripper in From Dusk Till Dawn.

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Natalie Portman stripping in a pink wig is ICONIC. Natalie stars alongside Julia Roberts, Jude Law, and Clive Owen in a film that’s mostly about couples cheating on each other, but that one scene makes it deserving of a spot on this list.

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Sin City

Jessica Alba plays young stripper Nancy in Sin City, a crime anthology flick adapted from some pretty wild comics. Fun fact: Jessica did not know how…risqué…the images of her character were supposed to be until she’d already signed on.

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Welcome to the Rileys

At the height of her Twilight fame, Kristen Stewart played stripper Mallory in the 2010 movie Welcome to the Rileys. Her character lets Doug (James Gandolfini, RIP) stay with her while he straightens out his life.

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Magic Mike XXL

How could we not mention the 2015 sequel to the steamy original?

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