'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Says Doing This 1 Thing to Make Money 'Ruined My Life'

It seems reality TV star Farrah Abraham can’t stop making headlines, often for scandalous reasons from botched surgery to racy Instagram pics to a Cannes wardrobe malfunction. Here we’ll look at one scandalous action she later said ruined her life (page 2). Read on to see how she said it affected her Teen Mom career in the worst way and why she ended up suing MTV (page 6).

Farrah Abraham’s reality TV background

Farrah Abraham | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

  • As a teen mom, she starred in two MTV reality series starting in 2009.

The teen mother, now 26, gained notoriety when she starred in reality MTV series 16 and Pregnant in 2009. The show documented the pregnancies and early motherhood of Abraham and other young women. During filming, Derek Underwood, the father of her child, died in a car accident. Abraham gave birth to daughter Sophia in February 2009.

Later that year, she was cast in the spin-off series Teen Mom. She continued to appear on the show, renamed Teen Mom OG, through Season 7, which ended in April 2018.

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She made a sex tape

Abraham later said she regretted making the video. | JB Lacroix/Getty Images

  • She earned $10,000, not the original reported $1 million, Huffington Post reported.

In 2013, Abraham starred in an adult video Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom, along with co-star James Deen. Although it was originally understood the two were dating and the tape was leaked, Deen later revealed they were not together and he was paid to be in the video, Huffington Post reported.

By the following year, Abraham regretted making the video, according to In Touch. The news outlet reported she quickly realized it was a bad idea. “Knowing my sex tape was out there for everyone in the world to see … was overwhelming,” she said. “I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone.”

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But she made more videos

Abraham said she wished she hadn’t made a sex tape, but she continued to make adult videos. | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

  • She sued one website in 2017 over $5,000 in unpaid money.

Despite saying the 2013 video “ruined” her life, Abraham decided to make more adult videos. In 2014, she made a sequel to her first one, called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. In 2017, she appeared in an adult web cam show on website CamSoda which generated 70,000 viewers.

The same website also featured her in a Halloween show that year, but it later refunded people’s money for “creating unfulfilled expectations.” She went on to sue the website for $5,000 in unpaid money for the video, CafeMom reported.

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She was fired from Teen Mom OG

Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG. | Teen Mom via Facebook

  • She blamed her firing on her adult videos.

Just hours after the Halloween web can show aired — and on the Season 7 premiere date of Teen Mom OG — Abraham said she was fired by Viacom (parent company of MTV). In a Facebook rant, she said the company “let me go because as a Business Mogul I act like an adult and part take in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for FREE or in private !”

Some speculated Abraham was fired for other reasons, such as being uncooperative with the show’s producers, as viewers can see in a behind-the-scenes video.

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She sued Viacom

Catelynn, Farrah and Amber pose together. | Michael Buckner/Getty Images

  • She sought $5 million for wrongful termination.

The reality star went on to sue MTV and the entire Teen Mom OG production for $5 million. In documents, she stated she was “harassed, humiliated, and discriminated against, disrespected, ridiculed, and sex shamed” by the production crew. The lawsuit accused producer Morgan J. Freeman of having a “hostile tone, mannerisms, and body language,” causing Abraham to “fear for her life.”

Viacom denied all of the accusations, calling the claims “without merit.”

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Abraham settled the lawsuit

Abraham attends the 2016 MTV Movie Awards with Simon Saran. | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

  • She received an undisclosed amount.

In March 2018, the reality star settled the suit with Viacom for an undisclosed amount. Through her representatives, Abraham said she was “thrilled” with the settlement’s outcome. “I did the right thing by filing a lawsuit.… My recent work with MTV ended on the highest note, and it’s a confirmation to me that I’ve been able to impact production and the network for the better,” Abraham told Newsweek in a statement.

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Other ways Abraham earns money

Farrah at the Cannes Film Festival. | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

  • Teen Mom earned her $25,000 per episode.

Abraham was earning $25,000 for each Teen Mom episode, Radar Online reported. The news outlet also said the cast received $1,000 bonuses for specials and after shows.

In addition to the reality show and adult videos, Abraham has tried her hand at singing and writing. She ventured into the music industry with her 2012 studio album My Teenage Dream Ended. It received mixed reviews from critics. She released a memoir of the same name that year, which made New York Times Best Seller List.

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Her daughter runs a business, too

Sophia Laurent store | Sophia L. Abraham via Instagram

  • She does hiring and firing.

The Teen Mom star received some backlash when she announced in 2016 that her daughter Sophia, then 7, would run her own boutique in Texas. “She will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store,” Abraham told Radar Online. “Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.”

Some people offered harsh criticism on Instagram, including “You need to stop! Let Sophia be a little girl and play,” and “What 7-year-old wants a fashion boutique?! Give me a break. Stop living vicariously through your daughter.”

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