Teen Mom Leah Messer insists she 'didn't know' she could get health insurance without husband or job after fans slam her

LEAH Messer admitted that she hasn't had health insurance since her second divorce, as she told fans she "didn't know" she could without a husband or a job.

The Teen Mom 2 star sought out coverage after discovering a lump in her breast that turned out to be a benign tumor.

Leah, 29, took to social media today to set the record straight about her health insurance, after Tuesday's episode aired.

On the show, the reality star admitted she had not had health insurance since her second divorce, which shocked many of her fans.

"I am seeing everyone's comments on my segments from the episode regarding health insurance and I wanted to address it," she began.

"Growing up, health insurance was not a topic discussed in my household.

"Coming from a low-income family, I was on state insurance until I got married and then was picked up on my then husband's insurance," the mom of three confessed.

"I never had to learn about it or even think about it for that matter. After my second divorce, I knew my medical bills were piling up."

Leah went on to explain how due to her "lack of knowledge and education regarding health insurance", she "believed the only way to be covered was under your parents, your spouse, or by certain jobs."

The TV personality reasoned that since "none of the above" applied to her, she chose to "see the doctor less" to reduce her "medical expenses."

"Luckily I became educated by those around me and was able to secure my own insurance," she added.

Leah then offered a message of kindness to her fans, saying: "I hope people out there learn what I went through and understand that there are options and resources out there if you find yourself in need of coverage but don't know where to start."

The MTV star's journey to health insurance came after the shocking news that she had found a lump in her "right breast."

The young mom went for scans that showed the lump was in fact a tumor, though benign.

Leah then expressed concern over her options, as she worried that she couldn't afford surgery to remove the tumor.

The Teen Mom star was also doubtful about pursuing an invasive procedure, after suffering from prescription pain medication addiction.

In dealing with the recovery from a "botched" spinal tap during a c-section with her daughter Addie in 2013, the TV star grew a reliance on Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Tylenol 3.

When considering her options in a previous episode, she explained: “Being an addict and owning my addiction, any kind of surgery is terrifying for me.

“I’m like, will I need medication? I just need to make sure that I’m not relapsing.

“I was depleted, gone, mentally, physically," she recalled of her experience six years ago.

Before the procedure, Leah was dealing with severe depression and anxiety, and the pain pills pushed her over the edge.

The West Virginia native admitted to using a “ridiculous amount” of pills and in a real low point had even tried heroin.

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