Teen Mom fans slam Jade Cline's baby daddy Sean as 'aggressive' after 'scary yelling' at Kloie, 3, during discipline

TEEN Mom 2 fans slammed Jade Cline’s baby daddy Sean Austin as "aggressive" after she begged him to “stop yelling” at their three-year-old daughter Kloie.

Viewers took to Twitter to criticize his “harsh” discipline during Tuesday’s episode.

Jade returned to work after healing from her Brazilian butt lift surgery, while Sean stayed home to take care of Kloie.

Throughout the episode, the 24-year-old admitted the toddler had been “grouchy” lately.

When Kloie started acting up, Sean yelled at Jade to stop “cutting him off.”

The MTV star  continued to beg Sean to stop yelling at Kloie, while he angrily responded: “Well, you be the f**king parent. You f**king discipline then cause I’m not doing it anymore. I’m not gonna f**king sit there and discipline her and have cut me off when I’m f**king doing it.”

The problems between the co-parents continued later in the episode as they struggled to find on a compromise on how to discipline their daughter.

Jade said in a confessional: “I feel like me and Sean have been colliding and butting heads about parenting.

“Sometimes we’re on different pages, so that’s making our communication really messed up.

“I’m hoping that soon Kloie kind of gets out of this grouchy phase.

“Us trying to parent her but not really agreeing or being on the same page and stuff is just throwing off our communication and just our whole vibe right now.”

As the pair continued to fight, Sean told Jade: “You’re f**king embarrassing me on f**king camera like I don’t know how to f**king parent my kid.

“You made me look like a f**king idiot.”

Teen Mom 2 fans quickly took to Twitter to slam Sean for his "aggressive" behavior.

"Sean seems overly aggressive when dealing with Cloie. I get being stern but I'm scared," one person said.

While the co-parents were dating at the time the episode was filmed, Jade confirmed they called off their relationship back in April.

She confirmed the split during an Instagram Q&A after a fan asked if she was "single," with Jade replying, "Yasssss" alongside a tongue-out laughing face emoji.

"Are you and Sean broken up, because I saw him on Tinder earlier?" another person asked the reality star.

The 24-year-old responded: "IM SCREAMINGGGGG they can have him lmaooooooo," and added a bunch of laughing face emojis.

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