Teen Mom Chelsea Houska's new house slammed as 'not child-friendly' after fans call her out for 'dangerous' cactus

TEEN Mom fans slammed show alum Chelsea Houska's new house as "not child-friendly."

They called her out after the mom-of-four shared a snap of what followers called a "dangerous" cactus.

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit shared a picture of Chelsea's two-year-old daughter, Layne touching a cactus.

Chelsea had originally captioned the post: "Sweet & sour."

They captioned the snap: "Remember like 24 hours ago when everyone was freakin out over the fake cactus in Chelsea’s basement talking about how dangerous it is. Well… "

Fans wrote: "My comment about the cactus wasn’t in shock of it being dangerous but in confusion of why they’d choose to have it when they have 3 tiny kids. Same with the bar glasses. Do I think anyone is going to go to the ER over it, no. Do I want to constantly deal with it when I could just get a fig tree, no."

They went on: "Their house is oddly not child-friendly. Not DANGEROUS. But not child-friendly. You deal with it one way or another – personally, I’d prefer to remove the amount of times a kid is having a tantrum, needs a bandaid, or having any kind of “I need you now/ I’m upset” moment over something easily preventable.

"Whether I need to directly tend to a kid or have to listen to them freaking out or have part of the day move in the emotionally negative direction, it’s something I have to deal with. I’d rather not deal with it over an ugly cactus."

Another adde: "Yeah, especially when ALL of Chelsea's previous homes were messes. She filmed a lot in her car or just in one room because she didn't want to clean up her space.

"I'm a neat freak and it would stress me out to have breakable stuff everywhere in a messy space with three little kids running around underfoot. Power to her, she doesn't seem to mind it."

Last week, the TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account shared an Instagram snap of lavender, grey, and cream distressed sweaters from Chelsea's new clothing line, Aubree Says.

They captioned the pic: "I’m sorry but these look like they lost a fight with a washing machine… I like ripped jeans as much as the next gal but these look so dumb."

Others added: "These look like they’d be itchy"

Another follower chimed in: "No one in their right mind would wear these out in public never mind buy them."

The former reality star is mom to daughter Aubree, 11, with ex Adam Lind, as well as Watson, four, Layne and baby Walker, with husband Cole DeBoer.

The Reddit account also shared a snap of Chelsea and her 2-year-old daughter, Layne, captioned: "That skin tone difference is killing me."

The former Teen Mom 2 star's bronze skin appeared almost orange compared to that of her little one.

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