Teen Mom Bristol Palin shows off impressive abs in a sports bra & leggings weeks after showing off tummy tuck scar

TEEN Mom Bristol Palin flaunted her extremely toned abs over the weekend after showing fans her tummy tuck scar post-surgery.

The MTV alum previously opened up about the procedure which she claimed was "the worst pain."

Bristol, 30, took to Instagram to share photos from an adventurous day hike with a friend.

The former reality star posed on a cliff overlooking a golf course, thousands of homes, and a beautiful mountain landscape.

The Teen Mom OG alum wore a tight black sports bra and matching leggings with sneakers and a straw hat for her excursion, boasting her perfectly sculpted abs.

While on her day trip, Bristol explored a rocky terrain where she found a wild boar hiding in the brush.

The mother of three also shared a post-exercise selfie which she captioned: "workout complete, holla."

Sarah Palin's daughter previously opened up about her tummy tuck surgery that left her with a large scar across her abdomen.

In May, Bristol snapped a mirror picture where she lifted up her shirt to reveal her snatched waist to her fans.

"Way [too] easy to compare ourselves on here, just a reminder not to," she captioned the upload, as she reflected on the surgery from "years ago."

She revealed: "Let's get reeel for a sec. I post what I want y'all to see. Here's something I don't share…

"…the scar from the tummy tuck I had years ago."


Fans flooded the comments with their praise as they thanked the star for her "honesty."

One wrote: "I wish more women would be honest about what they have gone through to 'have the look!'

"So many are grinding and don't understand what they continue to compare themselves to was a different kind of work.

"Thanks for keeping it real!" another gushed.

Even Bristol's mother chimed in: "Haha I love you!!!"


Despite the surprise that ensued from the Dancing With The Stars alum's confession, fans have watched her make a huge transformation throughout her years in the spotlight.

In April of 2020, the controversial star shared her goal to lose weight as she decided to hold herself "accountable" moving forward.

She admitted: "Put on some happy pounds and honestly been working out way too much to be this unhappy with how I look.

"I know what I need to do to change it … 'can't outwork a bad diet' is so true … cleaning it all up and holding myself accountable with an at home 30 day challenge from my girl."

Bristol has also credited protein powders and "skinny teas" on social media to help her get back in shape.


Late last month, Bristol confessed to having a hard time dating after having children and going through a divorce.

During an Instagram Q&A, one fan asked: “How do you find date post-divorce and kids?”

“Honestly I don’t, my heart I focused on the goals I have set," she replied.

Bristol and Dakota Meyer tied the knot in 2016 and share kids Sailor, five, and Atlee, four.

The two called it quits a couple of years later in 2018.

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