Teen Mom Briana DeJesus cheers baby daddy Devoin Austin for ‘stepping up’ after ripping him for not paying child support

TEEN Mom 2 star Mom Briana DeJesus praised her baby daddy and ex, Devoin Austin, for "stepping up."

The mom-of-two has previously ripped him for not paying child support.

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Briana shared in a lengthy since-expired post: “ Gotta say something! People change. People grown. Y’a’ll cant ALWAYS hold me accountable for the things I’ve said in the past.

“Those were real emotions and very much valid ones too! I give credit where it’s due! If I really thought someone was bad for my kids, I wouldn’t have the girls around them.”

“I give credit where it's due, and I've said my peace (: but just bc I acknowledge the credit doesn’t mean the things that aren’t being fulfilled just get ignored. We are grown, and we make sacrafices for our children. I will always fight for my kids to have better.

"There’s tons of potential out there and I think once all of those categories are met, I think It’ll open up so many more opportunities for others and. myself. Let’s pray on it."

“I think people don’t understand that all I ever wanted was for my kids to have top-tier fathers. A father that I didn’t really have and with that being said I didn’t like half a** s**t, and I knew there was potential so I fought hard for it.

“Others may look at it like I was keeping my kids away or others will call me bitter but what would I be bitter about? I don’t fall into that category. I just want what’s best for my kids and I think that justifies a lot of my actions or words.”

“Also I’m growing up and I realized that I can’t always have it my way and that my way isn’t the only way… I’ll keep wishing for the best and in the end, I know it’ll all come together like it’s supposed to. I put n major work for these kids. Now if we can all do that togehter- we would be the best team out there!”

Briana shares Nova with Devoin and Stella with her ex Luis Hernandez.

Recently, during an Instagram Q&A session, Briana had confirmed that she ended her engagement with tattoo artist Javi Gonzalez.

When asked why she and Javi had split up, the MTV mom explained that she was “not ready for” a relationship right now and had “other plans” for her life.

The TV star added that she still “loves him and he’s a great guy” and that the two might reunite in the future, but, at this moment, she needed to be alone.

After the reality star announced she was single, Javi also gave his side of things during an Instagram Q&A session.

A fan asked him: "What happened between you and Briana?"

The tattoo artist replied: "Different frequencies, different principles. No hard feelings just not for me."

The Teen Mom star had announced her engagement to Javi back in May after he proposed to her during their romantic Miami getaway.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion saw Briana, break down in an emotional reunion as she addressed Devoin.

She said: "That's so tough. My poor little Stella. Thank you. Thank you for loving Stella."

Devoin replied: "Thanks for letting me," as Briana gushed: "She loves you so much."

It was a breakthrough for the pair that has not always seen eye to eye.

However, when Briana criticized Devoin for not financially supporting their daughter, he insisted he’s been helping out since getting a new job.

But Briana argued: “But now that you’re able to do it, you should do it because the last time you helped financially, as far as a bill, was a while ago- was a few months ago.”  

He encouraged her to “have a number set” for him to pay each month, though she responded: “Every time we speak out our financial situation, you get so offensive.”

Devoin then called out Briana for her own expensive spending habits and she told him to “shut the f**k up” as they yelled over each other.

Nova’s dad complained she was able to talk more than him, while Briana responded: “Every time we talk about money, he gets so flustered about it.”

The Teen Mom 2 star then defended herself for buying expensive shoes, shouting: “Listen, I’ve been taking care of Nova before MTV.

“Let’s remember, Teen Mom 2 was canceled for a while and I had my 9-5 job. Who the f**k was taking care of her then? Not f**king MTV. Me!

“The thing is, I can buy these shoes cause guess what? My f**king kids bills and f**king paid in advance ahead of time. I’m never late on my bills.

“You can buy a $500 pair of f**king jeans, but you can’t do anything else for Nova except buy her a f**king pair of sneakers. You don’t do what you need to do as a father. You do the bare minimum.”

Briana continued to rip her baby daddy as she shouted: “You’re not a real man!”

After the MTV star accused Devoin of being a “liar” when he said he doesn’t “pop bottles in the club,” he got up and exited the set.

He exclaimed that he was “done” as he took his mic off and left the studio.

The fight is not the first time the exes have argued over finances, as a similar fight took place during the previous season's reunion.

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