Susanna Reid screams in terror as she comes face to face with a snake – before it wraps itself around Richard Arnold's crotch on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan addressed the reptile in the room before things got out of control and said: "We are joined today by a gigantic snake."

Susanna, 47, had the unfortunate luck of sitting beside brave Richard, who manhandled the slithering snake with ease.

As it got more and more excited in his arms, Susanna couldn't take the pressure and yelped in fear.

She said afterwards: "Oh for goodness sake I'm not scared of snakes but frankly I don't need it that close to me. There is something disconcerting about the fact its tongue is continuously out.

"It does love me I don't know what that says about anything. It's hissing at me now!"

She added: "Just go that way. Bye"

Richard joked he is "no stranger to low hanging fruit in the wild" when he introduced Jonathan the snake to the panel.

But Piers had soon had enough, and after live streaming Jonathan's antics he asked the snake handlers to take him away.

However, Jonathan had other ideas and wrapped itself around Richard's leg, coiling into his crotch.

Susanna was in bits as she watched Richard try to wriggle free.

GMB viewers loved the segment and celebrated when Richard was saved.

One wrote: "Richard with a snake, it could only happen on GMB."

Another said: "Best thing I’ve ever seen on @GMB LOL. A real live trouser snake"

As a third raved: "Dear Lord….no….glad I am not in the same studio. Safe distance across London. Not a big fan of #snakes"

Jonathan was deposited safely into a plastic box after his morning in the spotlight.

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