Susanna Reid called Jennifer Aniston’s double after glam GMB hair transformation

Susanna Reid's hair proved to be a focal point again after she unveiled a glam transformation on Good Morning Britain last week.

On Monday's show, the news reader, 50, was likened to A-lister Jennifer Aniston, with Andi Peter's making the bombshell comparison which certainly raised a few smiles on set.

Andi clearly hadn't seen his co-star who now boasted brilliantly bouncing and glossy locks as he began to praise her new look.

Making Susanna blush, he complimented her transformation before saying that she'd copied the hairdo of the Friend's star from the 90s.

While introducing the ITV competition, he joked: "I always think of myself as a bit Denzel Washington, if I'm honest? I think I see the likeness.

"Susanna, I think everybody knows, you really are looking very Jennifer and I am loving every minute."

Soon after he landed the comment producers were quick to split the screen with side-by-side imagery.

Both Susanna and her new co-host Adil Ray, couldn't believe that her tresses did appear to be styled in a very similar way to Jen when she first graced screens on the popular sitcom.

At which point a shy Susanna gasped: "Oh!" Before Adil chimed in: "Oh hello! Look at that!"

"I didn't realise that I'd modelled myself on Jennifer Aniston!" Susanna explained.

While Adil quipped : "Which one's Jennifer?!"

Falling about laughing, Andi interjected: "No Adil, which one's Susanna?"

The TV star recently took full advantage of hairdressers re-opening up during the Covid-19 pandemic and was quick off the mark to nab herself an appointment with her stylist.

Not only did Susanna opt for a dramatic full-bodied chop but she also overhauled her hair colour, now boasting a lighter shade of brown with honey-blonde highlights instead of her usual raven hair.

Earlier on in the show, things became slightly awkward after Susanna confessed that she hadn't realised it was Adil's birthday today.

To make matters worse the GMB team also seemed to be in the dark about his special day and forgot to purchase the newcomer a cake.

They did however follow up with an on-air sing song in honour of turning a year older.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am.

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