Sue Perkins opens up on horror injury filming new series: ‘Put my hip out!’

Sue Perkins details injury on set of new show with Mel Giedroyc

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Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc comedy series Hitmen is returning to screens for series two, with characters Fran and Jamie returning to their antics. On Monday morning, the duo spoke to Lorraine on the ITV daytime chat show, where Sue detailed an injury she sustained whilst filming a four-hour bathroom stunt.

After introducing the pair to the show and speaking about their return to the show, Lorraine asked: “Did you do any stunts?”

Sue revealed: “I did a couple!” to which Mel interrupted and explained: “You put your hip out in the loo scene, didn’t you?”

“I mean, I was going to roll with, ‘yeah I found it really, really easy, my body is still very fluid’, but we can go with the truth, yes,” Sue joked.

“It wasn’t even a high kick, it was a medium, lazy foul, and it put the hip out,” she revealed.

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Mel continued the story: “She was doing it for four hours, and she came into me and said, ‘I can’t keep going with this’.”

“I had to headbutt a woman called Pandora for three hours,” Sue told Lorraine, “And she was great she flew across.

“A stunt is two parts. It’s the person delivering the fake blow but also the reaction, she just flew across the room and smashed her head onto a ceramic basin for three hours on the loop.”

Speaking on doing their own stunts, Mel also explained her experiences with doing stunts and said: “I always worry about the running.

“There’s quite a lot of running that has to be done in this, but it’s always lovely when you start off the run and then the body double takes over, and you see a very slim fit person take over.

“You think you look good, and then you look back on it, and you just see jowls going up and down,” she giggled.

Looking back at the first series, Sue explained: “The first series we thought we have done really well, we were just really out of breath, and as we came back the director said, ‘don’t worry we can speed that up in post’, that’s how bad it was.”

Lorraine also asked the comedy duo about the struggles of filming through the pandemic, she commented: “You didn’t know if you were going to be able to do it thought with Covid and all.”

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“It was delayed a couple of times, wasn’t it? So we felt so blessed with all the madness that’s been going on we actually got to film it,” Mel explained.

“We did seven weeks of filming, nobody got ill we were just – it was amazing,” Sue also added: “It was a very well-run shop.

“It really was, and everyone took protocols very seriously because it’s very important not just the two of us idiots, it’s a whole.

“65 brilliant, talented crew who need to get back to work, so I’m very glad it all worked out.”

The comedy duo hosted The Great British Bake Off for its first seven years on air but made the decision to quit the show when it moved from BBC to Channel 4.

Sue recently admitted to HuffPost she has not watched Bake Off since she stopped presenting it, revealing she thinks it “would make me sad.”

Mel also added: “I know this sounds disingenuous, but I have only just watched out series.”

The pair also admitted that if the show hadn’t moved off of BBC, they would have stayed for the 10-year anniversary with Mary.

However, the pair have had no shortage of work since leaving Bake Off, with Hitmen still going strong on Sky.

Hitmen: Reloaded airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Sky Comedy. 
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