Stephen takes horrific revenge on Carla as she stands up to him in Corrie

Whenever Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) feels as though he’s won his latest battle, Carla Connor (Alison King) always finds something to knock him off his newly crafted pedestal in Coronation Street.

Stephen is ultimately getting the upper hand right now, as people remain unaware he is drugging Carla with LSD, which is making it seem as though her mental health is deteriorating again.

Coming up, as the Americans arrive for the big deal, all eyes are on Carla as Stephen reminds her that it’s imperative she’s on top form.

This annoys Carla so she decides to take charge and orders Stephen to make the tea.

It’s a game of back and forth as Stephen then gets completely livid (you are keeping up, right?), and drugs Carla’s drink – with two doses.

As the meeting draws to a close, Carla’s behaviour becomes erratic.

When the Americans leave, the Underworld workers celebrate the deal but they’re left thrown when Carla barks at them to get out of the factory.

The colleagues are dumbstruck, leaving Stephen to allow himself a satisfied smile.

Well, things are certainly working to Stephen’s advantage, but with Carla still remaining strong when she isn’t high on the LSD, is drugging her going to be enough?

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