Spoilers: Sarah in Emmerdale takes shocking drugs action in crime twist

Back at the start of the year, Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) in Emmerdale found herself in trouble when she got herself tied up in Danny Harrington’s (Louis Healy) drug dealing drama. She faced the wrath of Charity (Emma Atkins) and after some clever planning, Sarah managed to set Danny up and have him arrested.

Soon, with Danny set to be realised from prison, Sarah gets herself tangled in his business again, and takes shocking drugs action in a crime twist…

Sarah is confronted by Danny in person and tries to play it cool, but she’s scared he might be back for revenge.

At the Woolpack, Danny and Mason decide to try and sell some pills to a rowdy stag do and just as they get ready to move forward with their plan, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) finds a stray bag of their pills near the spot where she served one of the stags.

Sarah is shocked to see Danny helping Mason deal drugs, but Danny talks his way around her and Sarah ends up asking Danny for one of his pills. Meanwhile, Chas isn’t convinced by the denials of the stags and calls the police who conduct a drug search on them.

Sarah slips the pills she’s in possession of into one of the stag’s jackets.

Will Sarah own up to the malicious act when the police find the drugs on him? And how will Danny react to what Sarah has done?

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