Spoilers: Matty discovers Amy's role in Frank's death in Emmerdale?

There looks set to be romance in the air for Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) in Emmerdale as the pair get closer and a bond starts to form. But there are hurdles in the way when their first date doesn’t exactly go to plan.

And there’s also the matter that Amy still holds the secret partial responsibility of Frank Clayton’s death – would that drive Matty away?

Actress Natalie reckons he could actually be surprisingly understanding.

She told Metro.co.uk: ‘It’s always an interesting thing with Emmerdale. You look at the different characters and think, ‘What would they say if they found out?’ and then you think about what they are already hiding for themselves or other people.

‘Then you start to think, “Wow! They couldn’t really take the moral high ground, could they?” with everything Moira’s done. He might be the perfect person to find out, but you never know how people will react.’

Whether or not that crops up remains to be seen but Natalie has hinted at a long term future for the new pairing as their feelings appear to be genuine.

She smiled: ‘With everything that was going on with both of them going for the same job, she keeps getting Matty wrong. She keeps thinking that he’s doing things to spite her or to get one up on her, then every time he proves he was just doing it to be genuinely nice. I don’t think Amy has had much of that in her life, people who are just really good souls and they are not out for something of their own.

‘Especially with partners, she’s had a bit of a bad run of luck in that sense. I think when she starts to see that Matty is a genuine and nice guy, she’s like, “Do you know what? I’m ready to have somebody who is genuinely good as a partner” She thinks Matty is that person.

And does Matty feel the same?

Natalie ginned: ‘Yes! She thinks she’s got the vibe and she hopes she’s not mistaken. She’s chatting with Kerry, saying, ‘I think I’ve got this right’, but she’s in two minds. She’s noticed that he might quite like her, and there’s been some flirting going on. She hopes she’s barking up the right tree?’


Emmerdale is set to launch its autumn drama and a return to six episodes with some dramatic storylines for the likes of Harriet, Aaron, Belle and Moira.

But what can Natalie tease may be going on elsewhere in the village?

She enthused: ‘I’d love to see Amy and Matty to get together, that’d be really cute. I love everything that’s going on with Dawn at the moment, it’s just incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing how that all unfolds and how that character deals with it.

‘She’s going to be in a similar situation to Amy with having to keep that quiet. Amy had Kerry and Dawn has got Harriet there, but I’m sure it’ll play out that they’ll deal with it in different ways. She’s a character who can spiral and hit rock bottom and there are incredible things that could happen there.’

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