Spoilers: Liam secures Meena's freedom in Emmerdale after exploding in court?

Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) faced questioning in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale as Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) court trial began.

His anxiety increasing, Liam was outside the court room and met Carol, the sister of Nadine Butler – someone Meena killed.

Feeling the pressure, Liam entered the court room and took the stand, watching as Meena arrived dressed in a pink floral dress, clearly thinking it’ll help the jury perceive her as innocent.

As the interrogation began, Liam recalled the moment he confronted Meena on the Humpback Bridge a few weeks ago.

When Meena’s barrister stood up, she used this moment to her advantage.

With knowledge Liam spent the night at Meena’s around Christmas time, Meena’s barrister accused him of having an affair.

Liam was horrified, and matters were made worse when the barrister pointed out his police statement over Meena falling from the bridge and what he said in court did not match up.

Unable to control himself, Liam urged the jury to listen to him and believe Meena is a crazed psychopath.

In the end, the Judge intervened, ordering a court break so Liam could calm down.

Desperate Liam asked for the questioning to continue but it was too late.

Meena smiled as people left, pleased Day 1 had ended well for her.

But is this a sign the conclusion of the court trial will see Meena walk free?

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