Spoilers: Jack dies as Phil sets his revenge plan in motion in EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is hellbent on seeking revenge on Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) in EastEnders, what with him believing that the copper has been having an affair with wife Sharon (Letitia Dean) —not to mention the fact that he believes her baby to be his. Viewers have seen the lengths the Mitchell hard-man is willing to go to in order to exact vengeance and, in the next episode, he sets his deadly plan in motion.

Initially, Phil refused to be believe her — and he even threatened her if she didn’t keep her mouth shut — but the longer her thought about it, the more compelling the evidence became.

With Jack having been in Sharon’s company a lot since Mel’s death, Phil came to believe that it’s he who is the father of his wife’s baby. Last week, viewers saw Phil relay his fears to Ben (Max Bowden) — who then set about getting some solid evidence to prove such a thing.

Ben found Sharon’s necklace at Jack’s house — which viewers know Linda (Kellie Bright) had left there previously — and jumped to the wrong conclusion. He relayed this information to Phil, who vowed revenge on both Jack and Sharon.

Ben did his utmost to talk Phil out of seeking revenge during the latest episode, but his words ultimately had little effect on the Mitchell hardman, who could later be seen with a gun in his possession.

In the next episode, Phil sets out to get his revenge, and thus he goes to extreme lengths to prove he’s not to be messed with — something which leaves Jack in deadly danger.

New images reveal the copper being kidnapped and loaded into the back of a van, but what lies ahead for him?

Will Jack die as a result of Phil’s actions?

Or will he manage to convince Phil of his innocence?

EastEnders continues Tuesday 17th December at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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