Southern Charm's Shep Rose Denies Madison LeCroy's Allegations He Spread STD to Cast Mate

Madison LeCroy dropped a major allegation about cast mates Shep Rose and Danni Baird on Wednesday’s Southern Charm, when she claimed she had heard Rose gave Baird chlamydia — something the two reality stars both swiftly denied.

The salacious rumor — which LeCroy’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Austen Kroll later admitted he told her — came out during a heated argument between LeCroy and Rose during a group trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Rose has long clashed with LeCroy, calling the hairstylist and makeup artist white trash to Kroll earlier in the season. Though he later apologized, LeCroy had her own issues with Rose, feeling as though he and cast mate Craig Conover were coming in between her relationship with the beer-maker. 

That’s how her disagreement with Rose on Wednesday’s episode began. As both waited for their transportation to leave the long weekend, Rose and LeCroy began verbally sparring. Eventually, LeCroy dropped the allegation.

“You don’t f—— scare me. You’re a bully … You want to know facts? I heard you gave her chlamydia. That’s what I heard,” LeCroy told Rose, gesturing at Baird who was sitting nearby. “That’s a fact … Ask Austen.”

“Not true, not true,” Rose responded, shooting down her claim.

Baird also denied it. “That is a lie. A blatant lie. It’s not a fact,” she said. “Madison, you can’t be throwing random s— around like that, it’s just not cool.”

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Hearing it wasn’t true, LeCroy backed down. “Well if it’s not true, that’s fine,” LeCroy said.

But it wasn’t fine for Rose or Baird.

“It’s not fine,” Rose said. “I don’t understand you. What’s the anger come from? … And Austen told you? So now you’ve thrown him under the bus. You’re a tornado. You just hurt three people, or tried to. Was it worth it?”

“Madison, you can’t be throwing random s— around like that, it’s just not cool. If you want to hurt him, that’s fine. But why the hell would you just do that to me?” Baird asked LeCroy. “You truly don’t know what you’re talking about, and you are hurting people who shouldn’t be hurt. I’m on your team, so why the f— are you acting like this?”

“It is absolutely insane,” Baird added, to costar Kathryn Dennis. “It’s not even worth getting upset over but, it’s like, so hurtful. I can’t imagine doing that to somebody. Why would Austen even say that? I just don’t understand.”

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Eventually, news of what LeCroy had alleged came back to Kroll.

He wasn’t happy. “Madison, you will say anything to get yourself off of the fire!” Kroll scolded LeCroy, noting this was the second time she had repeating something he told her in the past.

“Why would you say that?” Kroll asked, noting, “I never should have gossiped to Madison about anything” in his confessional. “Man, when am I going to learn? … Nothing I tell you is sacred … It’s like, for no reason, you’re like, ‘Let me just spout out information that Austen’s told me.’ Where’s the trust in that?”

He didn’t get any apologies from LeCroy.

“I’m not apologizing. I have to defend myself because you won’t do it,” she said. “These people can go to hell for all I care.”

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Later in the Southern Charm episode, back in Charleston, LeCroy met with Dennis to find a way to make things right with Baird.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to try to make it okay,” she said. “Sometimes when I’m so upset and mad, I don’t know how to control my emotions. I just used the only thing I had and that unfortunately, Dani was involved. And I don’t think she deserved that.”

She had Dennis’ support, who told LeCroy she was happy to see her go after Rose.

“I do kind of think it’s cool that you stood up to him because I never have,” Dennis said. “I don’t know anyone who really has. No one ever stands up to Shep because he will try to turn everyone against you and use his words to shut you down in an argument by confusing you. It’s like, Shep expects you not to respond. He expects … be seen and not heard.”

“Men around here are always so quick to jump on the girl,” added Dennis, who has been in the throws of a nasty custody battle with ex Thomas Ravenel. “You say one thing wrong or do something to be misconstrued, ‘the girl’s f—— nuts.’ The girl’s the one that’s crazy. I think us girls should stick together.”

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Meanwhile, Kroll was dealing with Rose, their friendship on the rocks after LeCroy’s STD claims.

“Have you ever told her to shut the f— up before? Because you really should learn how to do that,” Rose said on Wednesday’s Southern Charm. “Why don’t you realize that she walks all over you, dude?”

“I’m just wondering what the great virtues she possess,” Rose continued. “I said she was white trash at a dinner party with three people. If it hadn’t been proved by now, I don’t know what has.”

Kroll supported LeCroy though. “You can’t just turn around and tell a girl to ‘Shut the f– up’ and expect her to be like, ‘Okay dear,’ ” Kroll said, telling audiences, “Shep thinks that Madison tries to walk all over me but he couldn’t be more wrong. I choose to be with her.”

Southern Charm airs on Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo

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