'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel Is Avoiding The Spotlight Since Rape Accusations

Ravenel’s season 5 girlfriend says that sexual assault accusations have Ravenel becoming a homebody

Usually, Southern Charm reunions are a combination of dramatic and funny. There is some finger-pointing, maybe some name-calling, but nothing that crazy. But last night’s Southern Charm reunion finale got seriously dark and turned into an intervention of sorts focused on domestic violence and the rape and sexual assault allegations against Thomas Ravenel, who was notably absent from the event. The whole core cast, who admittedly dislike Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, started to feel sorry for her, seeing her as a possible victim of an abusive relationship.

But according to Hollywood Life, Jacobs thinks that everything about her relationship with Thomas Ravenel improved after the Charleston Police publicly announced that he was being investigated after two women, including a former nanny, accused him of rape. Ravenel was convicted and served time in a federal prison for cocaine charges in 2008, and so on the advice of counsel, he has been laying low and staying close to home.

Jacobs told Andy Cohen that she was sure Ravenel would be cleared of these most recent charges.

“Of course, yes. it’s all hearsay. I mean, He’s not been charged with anything. These are just allegations.”

During Season 5, Jacobs complained to Patricia Altschul and others that Ravenel stayed out all night, drank excessively, and did not include her when he went out often “with the boys.” But she says that Ravenel was seemingly scared straight by the investigation and the fact that he was asked to sit out the reunion by Bravo (Ravenel’s lawyer agreed this would be best).

Jacobs says he’s become a better version of himself, opting not to be seen in public, and largely staying away from social media, where, in the past, he threatened violence against fans on Twitter. She says they’ve gotten closer now that he is no longer the life of the party. She says they like to stay in and prank each other, using “fake bugs.”

“I have seen a new Thomas. I mean, it’s humbling, of course. Now he’s — let’s stay in, let’s watch movies, let’s cook dinner, let’s just stay under the radar right now. I’ve just seen a much softer, more sensitive, kinder, more supportive boyfriend. You know, everyone wants to be you when you’re on top, but it’s who’s with you when you’re down there, and I’ve told him, I’ve just said, ‘I’m not leaving.’”

But when cast members gave examples of abuse that Jacobs has suffered at the hands of Ravenel, she took the blame, saying that she was acting badly. Chelsea Meissner said that one of her clients saw Ravenel and Jacobs outside of a restaurant fighting, and Ravenel reportedly threw his leftovers at her. Meissner said she was told that Ravenel yelled: “You’re gonna send me back to prison!”

Jacobs said the fight did happen, but she said she was “being a brat” and caused the former politician to lose his temper.

Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, and Austen Kroll tried to tell Jacobs that the way Ravenel talks to her and about her is a red flag, but she admitted after the reunion that she wasn’t ready to hear it or give up.

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