The 'Southern Charm' Reunion Part One Is The Build-Up To The 'Hot Mess Express'

The cast chats while drama approaches

It’s been a long road to the Southern Charm Season 5 reunion, and though the gang seems pretty relaxed without Thomas Ravenel there, everyone indicates that bad vibes are lurking backstage as Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, came essentially to yell at everyone if the teaser is any indication. The rest of the cast were sitting casually, with only Naomie and Craig separated because their relationship still seems kind of rough. Craig is mad that Naomie’s new man has been cuddling with “his cat,” and that is not a euphemism.

The reunion was delayed while the ladies backstage found the industrial strength double-stick tape that would keep Kathryn inside of her dress, and she confessed to Andy Cohen that they might have grown over the last year. Cohen checked in with everyone and asked Naomie if it was strange to be sitting opposite Craig.

“It’s fine. We’ve moved past the awkwardness.”

The camera panned to Craig, and this was obviously not the case, at least for him.

Cohen read a statement from Thomas Ravenel’s lawyer saying that the decision for Thomas to stay away from the reunion was a mutual one, as he is still under investigation for rape and sexual assault back in Charleston. Nobody wanted to touch this topic with their words, but their faces said everything.

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Andy introduced the newly empowered women, and Naomie credited Kathryn for putting her life back together and for kick-starting the movement. Kathryn suggested that many of the women have been disappointed by men, and Craig jumped in to say that he had treated everyone there like gems. Cohen rolled tape to refute this.

Fans got another look at Naomie laying out a shocked J.D. and they wonder why this wasn’t a storyline. Most of the cast agreed that they have heard the stories of J.D. and that they agreed with the things Naomie had said at Shep’s party. Naomie admitted that she and Liz had parted ways, and Kathryn weighed in on her experiences.

Shep mentioned his thoughts about me too movement, and says that all men have had to take stock in their past behavior.

Cameran looked like she’s recovered from childbirth. She apologized for not having Kathryn at her baby shower, and Kathryn said it’s all good.

Craig looked unhappy throughout the reunion, but he still walked Cohen through what really happened to his hand, which was still messed up. Craig did not know there were studs in the wall when he thrust a butter knife through, and instead of going through the wall, it injured his hand.

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The Naomie and Craig conflict was still raw, and they went a few rounds about her tracking his phone, and him leaving nasty messages on social media. Southern Charm fans can feel confident that they haven’t heard the last of this. Craig was also still stinging about Naomie’s nose job, which has made her very happy.

Kathryn chimed in and said that she hasn’t seen or spoken to Ashley Jacobs since the debacle at Patricia’s ball. She said she didn’t expect her to be around for much longer. Dennis was more upbeat talking about the rest of the cast as her friends.

Cameran said that her feelings for Kathryn have changed 180 degrees, as she now knows that Thomas Ravenel manipulated everyone. The scenes from past seasons showing Eubanks as callous remind everyone that Kathryn really had nobody. Shep teared up too.

Cohen then asked for Cameran’s impression of the finale episode, where Ashley calls Kathryn an egg donor. He wanted to know how she feels about Ravenel’s girlfriend.

“I think she’s a horrible human being.”

Bravo had previously said that the Southern Charm reunion would be a three-parter, but now we hear that it will be two-and-a-half episode reunion with next week’s episode running 90 minutes.

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