So…Who Is Gonna Be the Next Bachelor? We Have Thoughts and Theories

While we wait for ABC to drop much-anticipated intel on who will be the next Bachelor, we will watch Bachelor in Paradise assess the many plausible theories on who might be our upcoming leading dude. Season 26 of the Bachelor will likely air in early 2022, so production will have to get going sooner rather than later!

Taking the extra time is annoying but understandable and, honestly, absolutely necessary. After the dumpster fire that was Matt James’s season, which featured longtime host Chris Harrison taking a hiatus and leaving the franchise due to racially insensitive comments, casting and production have to get this right.

Rob Mills (aka a big shot exec within ABC Entertainment) called the show’s audience “the silent producer” when asked about Bachelor in Paradise casting in a chat with Variety, and honestly the role def applies to the flagship show too. “We’ll see on Twitter who people say they want to see,” he said. “And then also, we’ll look at people who went home too early and were great and didn’t have enough time to shine. Sometimes the pond is really dry — this season will be the opposite case. The pond is overstocked.”

It really is. There is nearly *four* batches of men to choose from between Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’s combined season, Katie Thurston’s season, Bachelor in Paradise, and Michelle Young’s season airing this October.

Let’s dig in to see some of the frontrunners who might hand out roses in early 2022. Bring on the men!

Michael Allio

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Fans are in love with Michael Allio, who quit Katie Thurston’s season for a good reason. And I mean, it’s honestly v easy to fall for a man who says things like “I can assure you that no one can love you like I can” and is also the sweetest zaddy single father.

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