Sistas' Devale Ellis Defends Karen Over Pregnancy Drama: 'As Much as Twitter Wants Zac to Hate Her, He Doesn't'

Zac may find himself at odds with his pregnant ex, but Sistas star Devale Ellis will always be on Team Karen.

In fact, the actor went into full-on defense mode over Karen during a recent chat with TVLine, insisting that fans need to lighten up on the character and her situation. Because while it may feel like Karen has been pregnant for more than a year, it’s important to remember that time moves a little differently in the Tyler Perry Universe.

“This is what people need to realize: We are existing in a primetime soap opera that has some comedy, and soap operas are pretty much real-time,” Ellis explains. “When you watch that hour, you’re only watching an hour’s time. So a season, which is 20 episodes, may only be five or seven days. People are like, ‘She’s been pregnant for three months,’ but it’s only been five days. She hasn’t really been pregnant for that long.”

On the subject of Karen’s unborn child, which she claims belongs to Zac, Ellis is actually in favor of his character being the father — and not just because the drama makes for good TV.

“As Zac, I do want it to be my baby,” he says. “As much as Twitter wants Zac to hate her, he doesn’t. Zac wanted nothing more than to love Karen, but Karen didn’t want to receive his love in that moment. And then when he found love somewhere else, that’s when she wanted him. It was heartbreaking for Zac. He still loves Karen to death, so to watch her have a baby with someone else would kill him.”

Of course, Ellis is quick to acknowledge the other person in this situation — you know, Fatima? Zac’s fiancée? Ring a bell?

“He wants it to be his, but at the same time, he looks at Fatima and is like, ‘This can’t be,’” Ellis says. “Because if that happens, then what happens with Fatima?”

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