The Simpsons may have predicted this year's World Cup final, because what else is new?

It’s got a bit of reputation for predicting future events – but has The Simpsons done it again?

Matt Groening’s generation-defining animated sitcom is in the spotlight for an episode first broadcast 21 years ago, which had Portugal and Mexico facing it out on the football pitch.

Remember the 1997 episode ‘The Cartridge Family’, in which the two nations do on-field battle to determine which is the greatest on earth?

With the World Cup currently taking place, there is in fact a spooky possibility that the two teams could meet in the tournament’s final next month – and it’s not gone unnoticed on Twitter.

So, as things currently stand, Portugal finished second to Spain in their group, Group B – which puts them in the top half of the knockout rounds draw going forward.

And Mexico, who play their last match in group F today, will be in the bottom half of that same draw if they win against Sweden. If that comes to pass, you guessed it – the two teams can’t meet until the final.

Among previous world events that The Simpsons has eerily predicted or foreshadowed? Donald Trump’s presidential election, the arrival of ‘autocorrect’, the Siegfried and Roy tiger mauling, Disney’s proposed takeover of The Simpsons‘ home network Fox, and the triumph which saw team USA claim a curling gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

So, could this be the year that Cristiano Ronaldo gets his hands on the trophy? We’ll have to wait and see if the show got it right…

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