Simon Cowell admits ‘vote was rigged’ in shock fix row on Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell finally lost his rag with David Walliams in tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent and started throwing around fix allegations.

It all got too much for Simon when David started flaunting his best TV judge awards from the NTAs, leading to claims the "vote was rigged".

The cocky comedian was told to "stop showing off" in front of same sex dancing duo David and Javier after their salsa dancing routine.

"Well as Britain’s number one judge as voted for by the public – I loved it," said cheeky David as he attempted to wind-up Simon.

Seething with anger, Simon warned: "I think you and I need to have a conversation after."

Not wanting to back down, David stood up and produced his NTA award in front of the cheering audience.

"Simon the way you actually get voted best TV judge," said David as he taunted gutted Simon.

"And then if you’re really lucky you may win it twice Simon. Best judge, so…"

However, Simon wasn’t willing to concede defeat and tried to claim that David’s accolades had not been won fairly.

Standing up, he announced: "There is some breaking news on that. The vote was rigged. There’s been a recount and I won."

Looking pleased with himself, Simon then told David to put his awards away so they could get on with the auditions.

This came after David questioned why Strictly Come Dancing doesn’t allow same sex couples.

It was an incredible moment when the duo, David, 31, and Javier, 33, performed some incredible feats of dancing prowess, spinning and jumping all over the place to a bouncy, Latin track.

The judges were in love and, despite Simon and David having a spat about the pair were from Mexico or Barcelona, they melted their hearts.

*Britain’s Got Talent airs every Saturday on ITV at 8pm

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