Scarlett Moffatt in hysterics as she loses shoe on the train track

SCARLETT Moffatt was left in a fluster after losing a shoe on a train track as she travelled to London yesterday.

The TV presenter was not in the mood for waiting paparazzi as she arrived in Kings Cross station, because her ballet pump had slipped off as she hopped on at Darlington and she had to resort to plan B on the journey down.

Scarlett was forced to wear her fancy cowboy boots but moaned that they didn't go with her Burberry coat and scarf and Louis Vuitton handbag as she told fans she had "no make-up" on.

She said: "I know I look mental doing an Instagram video in Kings Cross station but I've just been papp'd

"And I've got these boots on! Because I lost my shoe on the track when I got on the station at Darlington!

"Look there he goes now, I'm going to take a picture of him now and see how he likes it."

She then filmed her man following her and said: "So if you see a wonderful picture of me, I've got no make-up on, I've got cowboy boots on.

She added: "But yeah there we go!!"

Scarlett then filmed the paparrazo following her and shouted: "You sod!"

The TV star, 29, was travelling to London to film The Mo Gilligan Show with Harry Redknapp and Katherine Ryan, which airs on Friday night at 10pm on Channel 4.

She showed off a gorgeous black dress with an asymmetrical hem and huge sleeves and told fans that it was gifted to her from a designer in Liverpool.

Scarlett's admission comes not long after she came under fire from a designer for begging for a £150 skirt that she wanted and failed to promote.

The former Gogglebox star allegedly approached MySuitcase Boutique to ask for a customised version of their tulle skirt with crystal stars to wear to Pride in New York in return for "lots of posts" on Instagram.

But Scarlett apparently chose not to wear the custom pink skirt during her trip and allegedly "ghosted" the heartbroken owner Michaela Liu of the independent boutique.

Scarlett later explained to The Sun Online that she was "too busy" to return the skirt and apologised over the "misunderstanding".

After backlash from MySuitcase Boutique, Scarlett posted on Instagram: "I've been super busy and intended to wear the @mysuitcaseboutique but instead will be returning the skirt. Also I get so busy and bombarded with admin if anyone needs to message me just DM me. I'll start and sort my messages and not be so c**p at admin."

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