Sara Gilbert Says She’s Hopeful Johnny Galecki Will Return For ‘The Conners’ Season 2 Love Triangle Storyline

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Conners episode “We Continue to Truck.”

The Conners fans were left with a cliffhanger. On the season finale of the ABC Roseanne spinoff, David Healy (Johnny Galecki) showed up at the Conner home to try to reconcile with his ex-wife Darlene (Sara Gilbert) just as she was about to make a major life decision of her own.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in a surprise return on The Conners finale episode, Johnny Galecki’s character announced that he broke up with his girlfriend Blue (Juliette Lewis) after realizing he still wants to be with Darlene. The scene set things up for a major love triangle—Darlene is currently in a serious relationship with her boss, Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) and considering a future move to Chicago to live with him.

David urged Darlene to say no to Ben’s Chicago invite, laying a guilt trip on her with, “Are you really going to bail on me to move in with some stranger?” But Darlene reminded her on-and-off ex that’s exactly what he did to her with Blue. Still, David’s proposal put a pause on Darlene’s relocation plans at the end of The Conners finale.

While The Conners has yet to be officially picked up for a second season, in an interview with TV Line, The Conners executive producer Sara Gilbert revealed she has hopes for Johnny Galecki to return for more episodes in order to explore Darlene’s love triangle further in season 2.

“That’s something I’m very hopeful about,” Gilbert said of a possible larger role for Johnny Galecki on The Conners. “I know he loves doing the show. I love having him. We have a magical time together. I would anticipate that he would do some [episodes] but I don’t want to speak for him.”

Gilbert also weighed in on the future of Darlene and Ben and how David’s return could affect their relationship.

“I think Darlene does love Ben. But a love that’s new is obviously different than a love of 30 years, with someone that you have children with. In some ways it’s stronger and in other ways it can’t compete.”

Sara Gilbert also revealed that she would still like to see Juliette Lewis return as Blue if The Conners returns next season, explaining that not only is she a huge fan of Lewis, but she likes how her character adds more complications to the already complicated dynamic between David and Darlene.

While Johnny Galecki only appeared in two episodes of The Conners and one episode of the Roseanne revival last year, his schedule will soon be a bit lighter. Galecki is set to wrap up his biggest acting commitment, his starring role as Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, when the CBS sitcom ends its 12-season run in May.

The Conners airs on ABC.

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