Sam and Samson emotionally reunite amid death grief in Emmerdale

Samson Dingle’s (Sam Hall) personality transplant in Emmerdale has had us all completely confused recently.

The once kind and caring teenager turned into a vicious and bitter individual after the birth of Esther, his daughter.

Samson made it perfectly clear he wanted absolutely nothing to do with his child, but Lydia (Karen Blick) and Sam (James Hooton) tried to make him see that he’s a father now – he can’t leave Amelia (Daisy Campbell) to do everything on her own.

While Samson plotted ways he can stay away from Esther, Noah (Jack Downham) became a better father figure to the baby and for a while, he had a happy family set up with Amelia.

But when Noah came into some money and Samson found out about it, he decided to blackmail him. Samson said that if Noah didn’t give him cash, he’d interfere and meddle in his life with Amelia, pointing out that if he got the money, he’d leave them all alone.

This set-up happened over the course of a few months but this week, the truth was revealed.

An angry Samson told Sam that he didn’t regret his decision and threw his house keys on the floor, asserting that he doesn’t want to live with people who steal in order to try and get by.

In Thursday’s (March 30) edition of the ITV soap, we discovered Samson had been sleeping in the office at the scrapyard.

He was vile to Vinny (Bradley Johnson) and popped into The Hide for a tea, where he met with Lydia.

Samson explained his plan to move out of the village and into Hotten, wanting to get a flat, go to college and get a job so he can pay the bills.

Lydia pointed out the amount it would cost to rent a small flat in Hotten and then piled on the pressure by telling Samson about all the other bills he’d have to pay, and that he’ll more than likely struggle to juggle working and college.

This was quite the wakeup call for him. He headed to his mum’s grave and started to feel guilty for his behaviour.

Samson admitted that he feels lost and doesn’t know what to do next. He said wanted to make things right, but just doesn’t know how to.

Perfectly timed, Sam then arrived and wondered if his son had found somewhere else to live.

Of course, he hadn’t, so Sam reminded him that he can move back in if he’d like.

Samson got up and hugged his dad – a first step to making things right, perhaps?

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