Safe creator says season 2 of the Netflix thriller is unlikely: "I would doubt it"

You know how a TV thriller works these days: the first season delivers enough answers to keep you just about satisfied, while still ending on a cliffhanger that guarantees you’ll tune in for a second outing.

But not the new Netflix drama Safe. According to series creator (and best-selling author) Harlan Coben, you’ll get all the answers by the end of the first eight-episode season… and a follow-up might not happen at all.

“I don’t rule out a season two, but I’m not selling season two by not giving you the answers to season one,” Coben told Digital Spy.

Safe – starring Michael C Hall and Amanda Abbington – explores the dark secrets being concealed by the residents of a gated community. “I was just thinking about the idea of people building fences and walls to keep the bad out, but what if [in] doing so, you keep the bad in?” Coben explained.

“That was sort of the initial thought that came to my mind: what a cool idea, to have four families stuck in this gated community. It’s almost like you’re setting the pot to boil, but you’re keeping the lid on top. Something is going to have to give.”

Dexter star Hall plays Tom, a surgeon left raising two daughters alone when his wife unexpectedly dies. A year later and his eldest daughter goes missing, sending Tom on a terrifying and unpredictable journey.

“I don’t think it would be fair to start a series where there’s a murder, and a girl goes missing, and this whole community clearly is blowing up with secrets… and then not give you all the answers,” Coben said.

“That’s not how I do series. It’s fine for other people, but it’s just not how I work. If there’s a season two… well, I would doubt it.”

Coben, who also devised Sky One series The Five with Safe co-writer Danny Brocklehurst in 2016, is known for his best-selling crime novels, with his most recent, Home, being published in September 2016.

The appeal of doing a show like Safe, he explained, was the opportunity of telling a self-contained story, like “a novel on the screen”.

“It’s what I do. If you watch The Five and you watch Safe and you read my books, you know it’s the same DNA.

“You couldn’t have done this a few years ago on American network TV. Everything had to be 22 episodes, and each episode ended cleanly and all of that.

“You have a kind of flexibility in today’s world that I don’t think you had a few years ago. You can tell this grand story that’s almost cinematic and long form – it’s a novel, thrown right on the screen, and that’s really exciting.”

Harlan Coben’s Safe is out now on Netflix.

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