Run viewers horrified by gory farm murder scene as character impaled on tractor

RUN viewers have been left horrified by a gory farm murder scene after a character was impaled on a tractor.

The Sky Comedy series stars Domhnall Gleeson as Billy Johnson, who gets his former college girlfriend Ruby Richardson (Merritt Weavver) to walk away from her ordinary life in the suburbs to revisit their past.

*Spoilers ahead for series one of Run*

The former couple had made a pact 17 years prior that if either one of them texted the word “run” and the other replied with the same, they would drop everything and meet in Grand Central Station and travel across America together.

While it was all exciting and full of sexual tension initially for the pair, the latest episode took a sinister twist after Billy's assistant Fiona showed up.

Fiona was bitter that Billy was turning his back on the empire she helped him build, leaving her in financial dire straits.

She managed to get her hands on the bag of cash Billy had withdrawn before heading off on his adventure with Ruby, jumping from the train as it left Chicago and running into some nearby woods.

Billy and Ruby immediately followed her, and things reached a climax at a farm house with Fiona pulling a knife and cutting Ruby.

The drama was interrupted by a call from Ruby's bewildered husband back home, leaving Billy and Fiona to scrap over the bag full of cash.

After hearing a window smash, Ruby quickly ended her call and returned to find Billy shaken and Fiona nowhere to be seen.

Looking at the window, the pair made the grim and gory discovery of Fiona impaled on a tractor, with fans left wondering if she fell or Billy pushed her.

One horrified fan wrote on Twitter: "OK so I did not expect Fiona to end up DEAD oh my. #Run."

Another added simply: "WTF Fiona?? #RUN."

Run continues on Wednesday, May 27 at 9pm on Sky Comedy.

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