‘Roseanne’ Revival: ABC Releases Sneak Peek Photos For ‘Netflix & Pill’ Episode

The buzzy episode addresses today’s opioid crisis.

Roseanne fans are getting a sneak peek at one of the most buzzed-about episodes of the new season. ABC has released promotional photos for the upcoming Roseanne revival episode “Netflix & Pill,” an episode that will tackle a timely topic about prescription drug dependence. According to a press release from ABC, the synopsis for “Netflix & Pill” reads as follows.

“After celebrating their 45th anniversary, Roseanne reveals to Dan a bigger problem with her bad knee. Meanwhile, Crystal announces her retirement as a waitress at the casino, and Becky and Darlene compete for the job which has full-time benefits.”

Guest stars for the Roseanne episode “Netflix & Pill” are Natalie West as Conner family friend Crystal, and Tim Bagley as Jonathan, a front desk clerk. The episode was originally shot as the seventh in the reboot series, but the “No Country for Old Women” episode aired ahead of it.

Roseanne fans may notice that the Crystal character gets a bit more of an entrance in the “Netflix & Pill” episode when she announces she is quitting her waitress job. Crystal, a high school friend of Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) and her sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), was a recurring character during the first five seasons of the original Roseanne series. Twenty years later, the 60-something character is barely recognizable in her tacky casino uniform.

Ahead of the Roseanne revival, reporters were given access to three episodes of the series, including “Netflix & Pill.” The Washington Post previously revealed that the episode would include “a storyline that involves an opioid addiction for someone in the family.”

Roseanne fans have already seen the aging Conner clan’s liberal use of prescription medications, with Roseanne and Dan (John Goodman) even joking about swapping pills like kids trading Halloween candy in the pilot episode of the reboot. Series star Roseanne Barr even told reporters she was “excited” to delve into this new turf.

“I’m very excited to dig my teeth into the subject of healthcare in America, and that was a very big part of this… season,” Roseanne told Television Critics Association press reporters, according to Fox News. “I am really happy with that. And also about aging parents and opioids, and all the things that I’ve noticed that everybody in my family and around my neighborhood are kind of dealing with too. So it’s like let’s do it.”

As for other storylines from the “Netflix & Pill” episode, it appears Roseanne and Dan treat the family to a Mexican meal at the restaurant Becky (Lecy Goranson) works at (if their credit card doesn’t get declined, that is), while Becky gives her nephew, Mark (Ames McNamara), and niece, Mary (Jayden Rey), some special treatment with their dessert order.


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Take a look at the video below for more promo photos from “Netflix & Pill.”


The Roseanne episode “Netflix & Pill” will air Tuesday, May 15, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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