Roseanne Barr Shades Wendy Williams' Marriage to Shut Down Talk Show Hosts Qs About Tom Arnold

Barr is in no mood to talk about her ex-husband when Williams brings him up during an interview this week.

Roseanne Barr swung by "The Wendy Williams Show" on Wednesday and threw some serious shade at the host when she brought up her ex-husband, Tom Arnold.

The interview started innocently enough, with Wendy Williams and her guest talking about Barr’s longtime partner Johnny Argent. But when she tried to talk about another man from her past, it took a turn for the awkward.

"I remember Tom Arnold, you guys are in a good place?" Williams asked, to which Barr responded with a simple, "No."

"Her ex-husband Tom Arnold, they were married for a moment and he was given the assignment from the Hollywood Reporter to review Roseanne’s debut last night," Williams explained. "The shade of it all."

Barr was game to talk about him briefly, joking, "I was like oh my god. Well, I’m not supposed to talk about it. I guess they’re gonna get Harvey Weinstein to review Rose McGowan’s next show."

When Williams pointed out that he "didn’t give it to you bad" with the review, Barr made it clear she wanted to move on to another topic. "Oh, I didn’t read it," she responded. "I don’t like talking about husbands, right Wendy?" she then asked, throwing a knowing smirk to the audience, who audibly reacted to her diss.

ICYMI: Williams previously spoke out about her relationship with her husband after he was accused of having a "secret double life" with a mistress. She denied the allegations last year.

"Well, I don’t mind talking about husbands," Wendy responded, like a pro. "He’s fabulous."

Williams then kept on going down this line of questioning, reading an excerpt of Tom’s review and noting, "I love your sense of humor.

The moment begins around the 3:45 mark above.

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