Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice connection will ‘go beyond Strictly’ says expert

Strictly: Giovanni and Rose react to not getting ITT trophy

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Strictly Come Dancing fans have loved seeing EastEnders actress Rose Ayling-Ellis on the BBC One hit series. She and Giovanni left fans and the judges in tears following their emotional couple’s choice dance, which featured a poignant silent moment. Match’s relationship expert Hayley Quinn said their growing connection will continue after the show has ended.

Rose and Giovanni continue to come out on top in the race to lift the Glitterball Trophy this year.

The soap star has inspired so many people in the deaf community by becoming the first deaf contestant to take part.

Her professional partner Giovanni has embraced her special gift of being able to ‘feel’ the music.

Fans have been left in tears after their moving performances, in particular their couple’s choice.

Anton Du Beke admitted he was feeling emotional, saying it was the best thing he had ever seen.

The pair are admired for their strong connection, which has been picked up on by many relationship experts.

Hayley Quinn said their bond, which is a friendship rather than romance, has become unbreakable.

Speaking to she said: “So far on Strictly there’s been some gentle flirtation between celebs and their dance partners.

“AJ [Odudu] and Kai [Widdrington] walked off to hear their score hand in hand, and Tilly [Ramsay] and Nikita [Kuzmin] appear closer every week.

“But nothing prepared us for the explosion of chemistry we saw between Rose and Giovanni after their electrifying performance on Saturday night.

“Rose and Giovanni’s performance was deeply emotional. It included a silent moment where they acknowledged her advocacy for the deaf community which was stunning all round.

“More than this though, the dance didn’t feel like they were worried about being judged, they were utterly present and in the moment with one another.

“This was seen through the fierce eye contact that never faded and clear meaning behind every movement throughout the dance (and thereafter).

“Giovanni even gushed ‘I love you’ to Rose at the end of the dance which is something that’s not thrown around lightly, even if he meant it in less of a romantic way.

“Giovanni seemed full of admiration for Rose and committed to her as more than a friend, but a partner in a journey that looks like it will go beyond Strictly.

“As the judges complimented Rose’s energy, Giovanni acknowledged it was, ‘how I feel every day when I walk into the studio’, proving they have a blossoming connection.

“There were also other body language cues from Giovanni suggesting his infatuation with Rose.

“He nodded enthusiastically as the judges remarked that she was a ‘beautiful young lady’.

“He also had his arm around her neck, and gave her a kiss on the forehead, a sign of genuine affection and shows he cares deeply for her.

“Not only could their dancing take them to the final, but I can see these two continuing to develop a relationship even after the show.”

The pair remain the favourites to win the competition as they continue to leave the judges speechless week after week.

This weekend, they will be performing a Quickstep to Love Is An Open Door from Disney’s Frozen.

The dancing duo recently celebrated Rose’s birthday together, enjoying an evening meal.

Rose is currently in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Samuel Arnold.

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One on Saturday at 6.35pm.

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