'RHONY' Bad Apple of the Week: Tinsley Errupts on Sonja — 'Shut Your Mouth and Shut Your F-cking Legs!'

Dorinda Medley also gets into it with Sonja Morgan on Wednesday’s explosive “RHONY,” calling her a “liar, liar, ho on fire.”

Sonja Morgan doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s good side on "The Real Housewives of New York" these days.

Wednesday’s episode picked up where last week’s left off — in the middle of Sonja’s explosive fight with Dorinda Medley. Long story short, Dorinda lost her marbles on Sonja because she felt Sonja was comparing her divorce to Dorinda having to bury her late husband. The drama continued after Dorinda and Ramona Singer stormed out of Luann de Lessep’s place, where the brunch was being held.

Ramona, once good friends with Sonja, basically took Dorinda’s side, which angered Sonja.

The next day, Ramona hosted a celebratory dinner for Carole Radziwill, who successfully completed the New York City Marathon. The celebratory dinner party was more of a Ramona-and-all-her-friends party, which didn’t leave the best taste in Carole’s mouth, but it was nothing compared to the taste left in Sonja’s mouth after Tinsley Mortimer gave her a mouthful.

While everyone was eating dinner, Sonja began talking about how she’s dating Rocco, the man she brought to Dorinda’s Halloween party, but Dorinda shut her down, saying it was a made-up relationship. Dorinda even called Sonja a "liar liar, ho on fire," but Sonja kept insisting she was telling the truth.

Still harboring resentment toward Sonja after Sonja told Dorinda that Tinsley was basically a "kept woman," Tinsley blurted out, "You don’t lie?! You don’t lie?! You lie all the time!"

"Talking about you is not lying," Sonja replied.

"Don’t say that my boyfriend is paying for me for everything!" Tinsley fired back. "I’m not even with him right now!"

"She’s lying!" Sonja yelled back.

Then self-proclaimed "shit-stirrer" Dorinda chimed back in, asking Sonja if she believed that Tinsley was the one who paid for the $5,000 gift card she had given her last year. Sonja said no.

"You know what?!" Tinsley said, dramatically standing up. "I’m going to pay you $2,000, times four — $8,000! Hold on, I’m gonna write a check to you!"

"Oh, maybe you pay with a credit card in your name, but who gave you the money? Mommy? Scotty?" Sonja asked mockingly.

"Shut your mouth and shut your f-cking legs!" Tinsley fired back before she actually wrote Sonja a check for $8,000.

Bethenny Frankel thought the whole ordeal was absurd and ended up setting the check on fire at the dinner table. In the words of Luann, "This is a laughable moment altogether, and Bethenny, by burning the check, just gave it a punchline."

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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