‘RHOA’: Porsha Williams Claims Kandi Burruss Set Up Altercation to Kick Her Out of Her Bash

AceShowbizPorsha Williams‘ alleged “fist fight” at Kandi Burruss‘ 45th birthday party for husband Todd led to her getting boot out of the bash and it appears that Porsha was still hung up on that. In the January 6 episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“, the two stars got into a heated argument after Porsha accused Kandi of setting up the brawl so that she could kick her out of the bash.

Porsha claimed she was having a good time with fiance Dennis McKinley at the party when they noticed one of her former employees, Jami Ziegler, “circling me with this girl.” She then recognized the girl as Dennis’ most recent ex, whom Kendi previously used to put Porsha and Dennis’ relationship in trouble.

Pregnant Porsha went on raging when the ex tried to kiss his fiance on the cheek. “Y’all about to do this in my face?” she recalled. “I was like, ‘No, don’t walk away, like what are y’all talking about?” Later, Jami claimed that Porsha “starts chest bumping me on my back.”

Kandi said she wasn’t aware of it, explaining, “What I was told she was following behind her, the girl was walking away.” She added, “I don’t have time to have you acting out just because you don’t like your boyfriend talking to somebody he used to date. Like, get over it.”

“I think she would have been even more upset if she had gotten in a fight with the girl and either got arrested or if it was all over the blogs,” she continued.

However, it seemed like Porsha begged to differ. She seemingly felt that Kandi couldn’t care less about her and went on accusing her of setting up the whole scene. “I told Kandi as soon as it happened that her team had kicked me out of her party. To not even check and come out or call later or anything, and then put all this horrible stuff in the blogs–sounds like a setup, smells like a setup, it is a set up!”

“The point of this conversation is you’re not my f***ing friend,” Porsha shouted at Kandi when she confronted her fellow Housewife. The former then responded, “You are always the aggressor and then become the victim.”

Viewers have yet to know what will happen next since the show cut to end after Porsha clapped back, “I’m nobody’s victim b***h.”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs on Sundays at 8 P.M. on Bravo.

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