Real reason Caitlyn Jenner asked Kendall and Kylie to call her ‘dad’

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed the real reason she asked her daughters Kendall and Kylie to call her "dad."

The US star transitioned in 2015 and was asked by her daughters what to call her, but there was a touching reason behind the way she asked them to refer to her when she came out as Caitlyn.

But she admitted her choice has not been very popular with some people, as she has been called her out for using the word "dad" or getting pronouns mixed up, which means she feels she is "constantly on eggshells."

As a guest panelist, Caitlyn told fellow Loose Women Nadia Sawalha, Andrea McLean and Carol McGiffin: "Yes in fact one of the first things they said, as I remember Kendall and Kylie, especially those two I have been so close to and as I continue to be close to, said, ‘Oh my god, what do we call you?’

"And I looked at them and said, ‘Dad.’ I said, ‘I’ll always be your dad, I mean, to my dying day I’ll always be your father so I have no problem with you calling me that.’

"Now, within the community, some people don’t like that and they go, ‘Oh, you’ve got to change,’ but for me everybody does it differently and I’m not saying that everybody else is doing it wrong because they aren’t.

"They’re doing whatever is right for you, and for me having my children still call me dad, is fine."

Nadia went on to ask her whether she felt she was stepping on "eggshells" when working out how to talk about herself, which she agreed with, saying she felt the media jumped on disputes much more in these moments.

She added: "I’m constantly on eggshells, I’ve learned a lot but constantly.

"They have this thing called the internet, and it’s frightening because everything is scrutisined. It gives the smallest majority a big voice and the media ‘s looking for that.

"They’re looking for controversy so if one trans person says something it’s one big thing."

Caitlyn also spoke out about relationships where one person attempts to "steal" the spotlight, as well as her hardest battles and journey through her transition.

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