Rachel Riley red-faced as boyfriend gets her to spell out rude word on Countdown

Presenter Rachel Riley was forced to spell out a naughty word on Countdown – suggested by her own boyfriend Pasha Kovalev.

The presenter, 32, posted a cheeky picture of the word ‘bumhole’ on the Countdown letters board after Strictly professional Pasha Kovalev took part in Monday’s show.

Pasha sat alongside word-aficionado Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner on the daytime version of he show, hosted by former The Apprentice judge Nick Hewer.

Rachel tweeted the shot of the word, which she said was "off the edit room floor" and therefore didn’t make it into the final show.

She also made a naughty joke about the word, tweeting: "One day I’ll grow up enough not to laugh at this, but for now, it’s orofficially funny."

The Oxford graduate also shared a video of Pasha making the suggestion to Nick, with the accompanying caption: "Can’t take @PashaKovalev anywhere.

"This was supposed to be the clean version of the show!"

In the cheeky Countdown moment, Pasha looked mischievous as he teased Nick about a potential seven letter word to come from the array of letters before him.

He said: "Yes, there is a word there, which consists of seven letters. And it’s, erm, bumhole."

The audience giggled as he slowly revealed the letter, to which Nick replied: "Bumhole’s in the dictionary? Sure."

Susie then said, on checking, the word has been in the dictionary since 1611, or at least recorded since then.

Nick jokingly added: "Well they’ve been around a long time."

Rachel and Pasha met when she participated in the 11th series of the show, and were paired up together.

She was previously married to her beau from her years at Oxford, who married in 2012 and split after 16 months, sparking rumours that the Strictly curse had reared its head.

The presenter has been hosting on Countdown since 2009, and also taking part in the raunchier late night version, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, since 2012, where things get a little more X-rated.

Rachel referenced the late night show in her tweet to Pasha, saying that the version he was on was "supposed to be the clean version" as opposed to the panel show mash up.

Countdown airs at 2.10pm weekdays on Channel 4.

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