Race Across the World fans demand duo ‘leave’ after crying tantrum

Claudia breaks down in tears at a petrol station

On Wednesday night, Race Across the World fans saw the remaining pairs in the competition continue their journey as they tried to reach their next destination, Churchill. However, during the episode 27-year-old Claudia wasn’t too pleased to be waiting at another gas station, resulting in some tears being shed.

The fourth checkpoint, which is only accessible by a twice-weekly train, saw the remaining pairs try to use as little money as possible to catch the train in time.

Spending $159.40 on two bus tickets to get to Calgary, which would get them one step close to where they needed to be, it looked as though it would be Kevin and Claudia.

However, things took a turn worse when they tried to save some money by attempting to hitchhike a ride to Saskatoon instead of getting a bus.

Both stood at a gas station for over an hour and it all got too much for Claudia who broke down.

Her dad asked if she was ok and Claudia replied: “I’ve just had enough now dad. I’m done.”

As Kevin tried to give his daughter potential options on how they could get to their next destination, the 27-year-old fumed she didn’t care and told him to do what he wanted.

She fumed: “The point I’m at, I don’t care anymore so you just decide what you want to do. I’m past caring.”

Claudia soon became overcome with emotion as she started crying to her dad about their situation as he tried to comfort her.

Through tears, she shouted: “I don’t want to be sat at a gas station! I just don’t want to do this!”

Away from Claudia, Kevin told the camera: “To see my daughter breakdown, is heartbreaking.

“It is soul destroying to try and keep things going and try and keep things positive.”

However, it seemed viewers watching were less than impressed with Claudia’s outburst, after having similar complaints throughout the series, with many calling for the duo to leave the show.

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Drmalrob062 tweeted: “#RaceAcrossTheWorld I don’t wanna be stuck at this f******g gas station! Ungrateful spoilt child! Embrace the fantastic experience Canada [sic] is.”

Suzicarrigan fumed: “Claudia and Kevin need to leave this race ASAP! He can’t win with anything he does and she’s just a spoilt whinging brat .”

MattJSport added: “Claudia and Kevin have got to be the most insufferable pairing to ever be on this show. The sooner they run out of money, the better.”

Angrykilljoy1 commented: “Kevin and Claudia need to be gone now. Taxi please…”

Alexharris_92 said: “Can’t wait until Kevin and Claudia run out of money, by far the least enjoyable couple to watch, absolutely nothing redeemable about their journey.”

Zakbrownz tweeted: “The blonde woman always throws a tantrum when it’s not going her way.”

Next week, the teams reach the halfway point as they set off to the fifth checkpoint, over 3,000 kilometres away from where they are.

Race Across the World continues Wednesday on BBC One from 9pm.

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