Prue Leith infuriates GMB viewers with calls to ban packed lunches in schools

The Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith encouraged the need for healthy eating for children in schools, before sharing her view that packed lunches should be banned.

Baker Prue claimed packed lunches weren't necessarily healthy, especially if kids were provided with daily or weekly snacks in them.

Instead, Prue told Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid that kids should have their meals in school with healthy options provided.

She referenced a school in Finland and another school in the UK that offer vegetarian meals to their pupils, as well as set school dinners that are good for the children.

But viewers were divided over her comments, with many hitting out at the baker for calling for a ban on packed lunches.

Some viewers pointed out that those with allergies have to be careful with meals they have not had prepared for them especially, as others insisted the lunches they provide their own kids are healthy.

There was also the comment from viewers that Prue herself bakes sugary treats, and features on Bake Off.

On the show, contestants create different treats including pastries and cakes, most of which are not "healthy".

Taking to Twitter , several viewers disagreed with Prue and the idea of stopping kids from taking lunches into school.

One viewer said: "Are your cakes healthy prue leith? Parents can choose healthy foods to put in their childrens' lunch boxes."

Another said: "I think someone needed to point out to Prue that she judges on the two bake off shows. one being for child bakers. the sugar and fat in cakes is off the chart."

A third tweeted: "Prue, who's paying for these school dinners once you ban packed lunches? I couldn't afford it for my children so packed lunches are our option. OK for all you rich folk."

Meanwhile, some fans did agree with her view with a fan writing: "Absolutely brilliant Prue."

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