Pocahontas star Irene Bedard screams 'I'm so crazy' in shocking new videos from two arrests for 'drunken' fights

POCAHONTAS star Irene Bedard screamed “I’m so crazy” in shocking new videos from her two arrests for “drunken fights.”

Irene, 53, was arrested twice in three days in November for “drunken” fights with her husband and hotel staff.

In police body cam video obtained by TMZ, authorities are seen entering her ex-husband Denny Wilson's Colorado home, as she repeatedly said: “Hi white man, how are you doing?… I will just tell you, you’re both white men.”

When one of the officers asked her to step outside and talk, she walked away to get her purse. 

She then jumped up and down as she yelled: “Guess what? Hey, hey, hey I’m crazy! Hey, hey, hey, I’m so crazy!”

Police then restrained her, as she screamed her son and husband’s names over and over.

Authorities told her to “stop resisting” as she screamed and jumped. 

They then brought her to the ground as they handcuffed her. 

She screamed “no” repeatedly while trying to get her up off the floor. 

In the second video from an arrest at a hotel days later, body cam footage started with Irene saying: “I’m the voice of  Pocahontas.”

She then said she is “way smarter” than the officer. 

Irene got up and walked towards the exit as the cop said: “Now you’re going to go to jail.”

The actress then said: “I am staying away from you!”

As she tried to flee, the officer restrained her as she cried and screamed. 

 TMZ reported Irene was first arrested when police responded to a call about a possible domestic violence situation at the home of the actress's ex-husband in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Officers allegedly found the mom of one with a belt in her hands, according to the police report obtained by the outlet.

She also allegedly appeared intoxicated, smelled of alcohol, and had issues standing up straight.

According to the report, Irene's ex-husband claimed she showed up at his home and began pounding on the door.

He further claimed that once he let her in, she started yelling at their 17-year-old son, Quinn Wilson, and proceeded to kick Denny when he tried to restrain her.

She was allegedly also screaming and kicking when police tried to get her into their cruiser.

Despite her son not pressing charges, she was booked for domestic violence, assault, and resisting arrest. She posted bond that same night.

Just days later, she was picked up once more when hotel staff called police after she allegedly harassed a front desk clerk.

Police officers claimed that when they tried to reason with her, she appeared intoxicated and combative once more.

They claimed she charged at them and had to pin her down in order to arrest her.

For her second trip to jail, she was booked for disorderly conduct but was later released without bail.

Irene's reps did not respond to The Sun’s request for comment at the time. 

Irene has been acting since 1994 and was most recently featured on Westworld. 

Her most famous role is the voice of Pocahontas in the 1995 Disney movie.

The Alaskan native was married to Denny for almost 20 years with their divorce being finalized in 2012. The former couple share one son.

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