Piers Morgan slams US radio host as a 'c***womble' in furious row over coronavirus deaths

PIERS Morgan baffled a US radio host with a very British insult duringa row today – branding him a "c**kwomble".

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain host traded insults with Pat Dixon after the comedian and host of NYC Crime Report used the very American term "jackass" to describe him.

He replied to Piers when the star tweeted about "high-profile idiots" on social media who had been downplaying the severity of coronavirus.

Pat hit back: "It's the numbers, Piers, you jackass. Avg age of death is over 80. Death rate is way, WAY beneath 1%.

"Studies have proven lockdowns are more dangerous than the virus, they don't help. Masks are unnecessary and ineffective. Those living in fear are idiots, but you're to blame."

But Piers replied simply: "Hi Pat, are you familiar with the British phrase ‘c**k-womble’? If not, look in the mirror & you’ll see one staring back at you."

The remark amused many of Piers' fans who branded the comeback "savage".

Other were amused by his use of the bizarre and rarely-used insult as a "British phrase".

The word Womble comes from the children's books and TV show of the same name about litter-picking creatures that inhabit Wimbledon Common in London.

It's not known how Piers came across it, but his first job in journalism was on local paper the Wimbledon News.

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