Piers Morgan reveals he enjoyed cheeky snog with Dale Winton in busy restaurant

The Good Morning Britain host, Pier Morgan, was full of revelations on this morning’s show when he admitted he kissed a boy and liked it.

Piers was talking to comedian David Baddiel, who joked about a time when the late Dale Winton offered to be his first lay if David ever "changed his mind" about his sexuality.

But Piers would not be outdone on funny stories about the Supermarket Sweep presenter, as he recalled a shocking tale of getting a snog from Dale in the middle of a busy restaurant.

The presenter said: "He rang me up once and said ‘Piers, I think you’re wonderfully talented and handsome and I love you.’

"And I put this in my diaries when I left the paper world and said that I felt slightly unnerved by this.

"About three months after publication, Dale was in The Ivy and I went in there with my literary agent and he stormed over and said ‘All my friends are talking about nothing else but that paragraph you put in your diaries!’ and started laughing."

At this point co-host Susanna Reid and guest David were hooked, though David admitted Piers had told him the story off-camera.

Piers continued: "I said ‘Well whatever you do, don’t tart kissing me in here, Dale’ at which point he grabbed me in front of everybody and started snogging me, tongues and all, for several very long, lingering seconds."

The team laughed and David suggested perhaps he enjoyed it, which Piers did not deny.

But the host joked: "You know what, a little part of me was like ‘It’s not Baddiel.’"

Piers also told them that he spoke to Dale at a party along with David Walliams, where he said he seemed really fragile after a bad break up with someone in America.

He added: "He was tormented really – his childhood was very traumatic as both parents did when he was very young and he seemed a really lonely guy."

Dale died on April 18 at home, according to his agent, but the cause of death has not been revealed though Scotland Yard said they were not treating it as suspicious.

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