Piers Morgan mocks Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader avoids anti-Semitism questions

Piers Morgan openly mocked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Good Morning Britain after footage showed Jeremy Corbyn trying his best to politely avoid questions on the party’s anti-Semitism row.

The Good Morning Britain hosts waited with baited breath as their correspondents were stood at the house of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this morning.

The team were hoping that Jeremy might answer some questions about the current discussion the party is having over anti-Semitism, which has hit the headlines over the last few days.

But instead Jeremy avoided questions by simply greeting the assembled group, as he was whisked into a car outside his Islington home.

The Labour leader was heard repeating: "Good morning, how nice to see you all."

Piers thought this was hilarious, urging the team to play it three times so he could launch into a rant about the leader, and even start doing an impression of him.

The GMB host said: "We should all do the Corbyn, shouldn’t we? When we have a difficult question: ‘Why are you presiding over an anti-Semitic atmosphere in your party?’ Good morning, nice to see you all!

"Good morning, nice to see you all!

"Can we hear it again?"

Piers said it was "brilliant" and called for it to be played a third time, before saying he didn’t believe it was very nice for Jeremy to see them at all.

He then broke into a mocking impression of the Labour leader, repeating: "Good morning, nice to see you all" over the top of co-host Susanna Reid trying to move the segment on.

Susanna speedily tried to move on, interspersing her introduction pieces between Piers’ shouts of: "Good morning, nice to see you all!"

Good Morning Britain airs from 6am weekdays on ITV.

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