Piers Morgan in row over Big Mac after it arrives cold and drenched in Coke after an hour's wait

PIERS Morgan has been left fuming after he ordered a Big Mac and fries as an afternoon treat – only for it to turn up cold and drenched in Coke.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain host hit out at delivery service Uber Eats on Twitter after ordering the meal online.

He raged: "Ordered a Big Mac via @UberEats an hour ago. ETA was '20 minutes'.

"Now spent past 40 minutes watching my delivery rider waltz his way around West London.

"He's currently further away than when he picked it up. My burger's not going to be hot, is it? Or even f**king lukewarm."

Mystic Morgan's prediction turned out to be bang on the money with the star later posting a picture of his chilly burger.

He wrote: "Cold, congealed & covered in Coke Zero which had leaked everywhere during the round-the-world transit."

Referring to the leader of the much-criticised NHS track and trace system, Piers joked: "Is Dido Harding now running @ubereats_uk?"

One follower had no sympathy, telling him: "Just go and order it from a McDonalds like a normal person."

But he roared jokingly: "Like a WHAT?"

When questioned why you would use Uber Eats to get a meal like a McDonald's, he replied: "It’s called ‘laziness’."

However, despite his protests, Piers did admit he ate the whole thing despite the burger being wet and cold, insisting: "I did… I was that desperate."

Piers is known to be a fast-food enthusiast, even going so far as to model for McDonald's rival Burger King in an ad campaign dubbed 'The Scent of Seduction'.

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