Phillip Schofield says he wanted Prince Harry to 'shut up' until he heard him on 'dreadful' podcast

PHILLIP Schofield has admitted he wanted Prince Harry to “shut up” before he listened to him on the Dax Shepard podcast.

The 59-year-old was expecting to hate listening to what the Royal had to say, but actually came out of it very impressed with him and his attitude to mental health. 

However, the This Morning host thought the podcast itself, which has sparked a lot of debate, was “dreadful” as he made his feelings clear during a debate on today’s show.

Defending Prince Harry, he said:  “I thought the podcast was shockingly done, they are dreadful interviewers. Just shut up and let him speak. So I didn't think that was any good anyway. 

“What was interesting was that when you listen to the full podcast you see the headlines. When he was in the Truman Show – big headline, no he was fed that line and then he repeated it.  So there was a lot that was very unfair.”

Phillip added: “I thought he was incredibly eloquent over mental health and I went into that podcast thinking ‘oh Harry, do shut up’ and came out of it thinking ‘good on you’.”

During the interview on the Armchair exert podcast, Harry said he relates to Jim Carey's Truman Show character who has every second of his life scrutinised and broadcast to the world – and often feels like an animal in a zoo.

The prince also said has received "vile, toxic abuse" online and questioned what made trolls want to come after him.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Harry revealed…

  • Prince Harry claims his life is like the film The Truman Show and he is targeted with "vile and toxic abuse" by trolls
  • Harry revealed how he and Meghan Markle first met up in a supermarket – and ‘pretended’ they didn’t know each other to avoid attracting attention
  • Harry tries to have "compassion" for trolls, but finds it "really hard when you're on the receiving end"
  • The Duke said that life had felt "more free" since his move to LA with Meghan
  • Harry doesn't believe in the "old way of thinking" where girls just "want to be a princess"
  • Meghan Markle gave Prince Harry words of wisdom about Royal life – telling him "you can create your own life better than any princess"

During the chat Harry Harry said he desperately wants to "break the cycle" of "genetic pain and suffering" caused by royal parenting.

The Duke of Sussex, who is expecting a daughter with wife Meghan, vowed not to “pass on” the pain others in his family experienced to his children. 

While his comments were largely taken as an attack on his father, many on social media pointed out that his criticism also appeared to shame his late grandfather for the impact his parenting had on Prince Charles.

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