Phillip Schofield ‘heart torn out’ as ‘perfect mask’ slips after affair scandal

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    Former This Morning star Phillip Schofield has conducted a new interview with the BBC – and here's what our celebrity body language thought.

    Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and body language expert, has exclusively analysed Phil's latest interview with Amol Rajan.

    The interview was broadcast last night (June 2) and included some huge revelations.

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    Though our body language expert pointed out some key points, including the point where Phil hinted that his career was over when talking about his TV career in the past tense and his poor mental state.

    She said: "Phil's body language in general throughout the interview is very sincere, very honest. He appears to have dropped the perfect This Morning mask, his hand gestures are broad and varied, filled with emotion, and his full face – forehead, eyebrows, eyes and cheeks, respond with feeling to every question and statement.

    "When he says he has to talk about TV in the past tense, he waves his hand backwards, to show he's talking about the past, and when he says how it breaks his heart, he uses a tense, clutching hand gesture over his heart, to show that it is tearing his heart out. They might appear like very innocent gestures that plainly illustrate his speech, word for word, but they show that his subconscious and conscious mind are in unison, which suggests honesty. Especially for a man as collected and controlled as Phil, who has a lifetime of experience in front of the camera, which taught him to keep his movements subtle."

    She continued: "Before he asks 'Do you want me to die?' he takes a short pause, and he looks downwards. This shows his sadness at recalling his thoughts when the situation was unfolding. He was sad then, and he's sad now, when he thinks about it. He then furrows his brow, which shows he's still worried, but interestingly he shakes his head – this tells us that he does not want to die. The question was a rhetorical one as he truly believed people didn't want him around anymore, but he didn't want things to deteriorate to that level."

    Phil also referenced his relationship with his co-star Holly Willoughby and mentioned how they were not speaking at the moment, as she had not replied to his last Whatsapp message.

    The expert added: "When Phil mentions his message to Holly, he is very very upset. He looks downwards which shows how sad he is, and he even sniffs a tiny bit, as if he remembers crying at that time. He nods while he recites the message, which confirms he is telling the truth."

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