Peter Schmeichel has regrets about his days at Manchester United

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The 57-year-old was goalkeeper for the Red Devils from 1991 to 1999 and also played for Denmark for 14 years. He began thinking about his career when he was writing an autobiography during lockdown, and told today’s Desert Island Discs: “It’s been uncomfortable looking at some of the behaviours of the younger me.”

Without going into detail, Schmeichel added: “Looking at them now, the person I am in mature age, you wish there was another way of being, with certain things.”

When asked how he coped when he lost a game, the father of Leicester City keeper Kasper said: “I’m not sure you want to know” but added Sir Alex Ferguson was “brilliant” at managing him.

“I needed permission to be that way. If you take successful teams you will always find that most people are different, they have different ways of reacting and dealing with being at that level.

“The people who are like that, they are the people who get to the top as well.” 

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