Peter Andre’s wife Emily gets the Covid vaccine as he insists 'everyone should help each other'

PETER Andre's doctor wife Emily has had the coronavirus vaccine, and the singer has urged everyone to help each other.

The couple, who are backing The Sun's Jabs Army campaign, know just how debilitating and dangerous the virus can be.

Emily, 31, is working on the frontline for the NHS, which has been overwhelmed by Covid-stricken patients in recent weeks as the daily death toll surged past the 1,000 mark.

While Peter, 47, was left bed-ridden with the illness earlier this month.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, he said: "I've really been proud to get behind Jabs Army, and I think what's important is that as a nation we come together to try and find ways out of this lockdown, and we know the vaccine is a way out.

"As a nation we do need to come together I'm so proud of something like this. We know that by Emily documenting herself getting the vaccine this is happening to thousands and thousands of people every single day.

"In someone like Emily's case she has to have the vaccine to protect her patients. We want to document it to show people it's a real vaccine, it's happening everyday, and thousands of people are getting it."

Emily documented her jab at Epsom Hospital, Surrey, on Instagram.

She was full of praise for the nurses administering the vaccines, writing: "A massive thank you to Epsom Hospital for my COVID-19 vaccination. Also thanks to Laura, a paediatric nurse who gave me the jab.

"She is working on top of her usual job to help in the vaccine clinic. You are all doing an incredible job!"

The Sun achieved its target of recruiting 50,000 volunteers through its Jabs Army campaign in just two weeks.

Our stewards are playing a key roll in the vaccination programme, making sure the centres run smoothly and safely.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock praised all those who have given their time to help in an address to the nation.

Mentioning our campaign, Mr Hancock said: "Or the 50,000 people who have now signed up for The Sun’s Jabs Army – smashing the target in the battle against this disease.

"I want to thank each and everyone of you and The Sun newspaper for leading this effort."

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