Penguin takes leap of faith and almost slaps Blue Planet II crew member in face

This is the moment that an adventurous penguin got the shock of its life while clamouring for air time on the recent BBC hit show Blue Planet II.

Video footage captures the moment an unsuspecting film crew were accosted by the lively aquatic bird as it leapt from the ocean into their dingy.

A member of the OceanX Media crew had a camera in hand as the team discussed what they were going to film next.

When suddenly, a penguin jumped at them, almost slapping one member of the team in the face with its flipper.

Chaos erupted in the boat as the penguin crashed onto the deck and then scrambled to get back into the water.

The amused camera team are at first startled, then watch as the animal clambered over equipment laying around the boat.

Before anyone can even try to help the beast back to its natural habitat, the cunning creature scurried up the side of the dingy and jumped back into the water.

“That was amazing,” one stunned member of the team can be heard saying as they come to terms with what they had just witnessed.

The hilarious moment took place as the OceanX Media team were filming scenes for Blue Planet II for the BBC.

They spent ten weeks exploring the Northern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula as they collated video for the breathtaking wildlife documentary series.

The series aired on BBC One last year and went on to land a National Television Award and is nominated for multiple BAFTAs.

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