Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen issues bleak warning to fans after run-in with poisonous mushroom

OUR YORKSHIRE Farm's Amanda Owen gave her honest opinion to fans as she went foraging for 'free food' in the woods.

As she learnt how to avoid snacking on poisonous mushrooms, the reality star warned viewers tempted to dabble, that they should 'go with an expert' by their side.

It came as the mother-of-nine appeared on Monday's edition of Channel 5's Summer on the Farm hosted by Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson.

Presenting a segment on foraging, the shepherdess paired up with Lucy Cuzzocrea an expert in the field.

As they met in the Saltburn Valley Gardens in North Yorkshire, Amanda, 40, admitted: "I’m really excited to learn about foraging because, of course, it’s food for free and I’m really fascinated to know what I can find in the woods."

The piece saw the pair picking from a patch of wild garlic which Lucy described as "good beginner foraging plant."

As they came across a patch of St George’s mushrooms, Lucy said of one of them: "That is a really good size mushroom."

But Amanda, who stars alongside her family on Channel 5's Our Yorkshire Farm, asked pointedly: "Looks beautiful, but what I want to know is – how do I know it’s safe?"

Lucy went on to explain: "If you were to cut into the poisonous lookalike which is that deadly fibre cup, it would bruise red.

"With St George's, it should only ever really go that like kind of creamy yellow colour."

Issuing her bleak warning to viewers, Amanda commented: "I think probably it's one of those things that you really should go foraging with an expert to give you some guidance."

On picking the wild garlic, Lucy told viewers: "Wild garlic is a really good beginner foraging plant. However, I know it can be really tempting when you found a good patch of wild garlic to just kind of go grabbing big handfuls of it.

“But it really is best to just pick mindfully one leaf at a time, there are some really poisonous look alikes that grow next to it."

Amanda asked: "How can you spot the difference?"

"If we smell the plant, the poisonous lookalikes don’t smell anything like wild garlic so it's really easy to tell," she replied.

“Along with its distinctive smell the genuine article has star-shaped flowers."

After picking up some skills, Amanda said: "It’s been an absolute pleasure," before adding: "I’m going to enjoy tasting it all."

Summer on the Farm continues tonight at 8pm on Channel 5.

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