Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen is optimistic after double theft at Ravenseat

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen has spoken out about the damage the robbery at Ravenseat Farm has had on their family.

The star of the hit Channel 5 programme is known for her positive attitude when she transferred to the quiet farmyard life with her husband Clive and their nine children.

And since the show began, the family has been a hit with a wave of supporters as they showcase their way of life to the outside world which is dependent on technology.

But in a 2019, the 47-year-old discussed the impact of the theft from their family farm in an unearthed interview with the Shepherdess on the Trees A Crowd podcast with host David Oakes.

Speaking at the time of the incident, the mum-of-nine revealed how the thieves broke into their farm and stole two quad bikes which set their business back drastically, but Amanda continued to keep a positive outlook.

She explained: “Someone nicked the quad bike. Both of them, so it was kind of back to basics and I kind of liked that.

“I loathe to say they did us a favour because on a sunny lovely day it’s perfect, but yesterday it was absolutely piddling down.

“And basically, I got the horse in saddled it up, it raised, I sat on a wet saddle, wet leather and rode our horse,” she continued.

“A little bit of me kept thinking to myself ‘hmm’ … but you take the rough with the smooth.”

When asked how she went about becoming a Hill Shepherd, the brunette belle explained how “fate” played a hand in the life she lives now.

She told listeners: “People will say, ‘how did you manage this? How did you do this? What was the plan?’

“There wasn’t a plan. There never was a plan. There was a vague idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to be.

“But, how that came to be a reality, how it came into fruition is literally I think – I mean some people say fate, chance, I don’t know.”

Even in the colder months, Amanda and her 67-year-old husband Clive continue to maintain a positive outlook on life as Amanda discussed in her book Tales From The Farm.

She penned: “The landscape might seem lifeless at this time of year, but romance certainly isn’t dead in this neck of the woods.

“Every February, without fail, my husband Clive will save a few quid bypassing the newsagents and craft his very own super-sized Valentine’s Day message, aided and abetted by the sheep.

“With a little thought and preparation, he is able to feed his heaf of a sheep in the shape of a heart while I watch this visually spectacular declaration of his affections from a vantage point across the opposing hill-end.”

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