Only Fools and Horses’ Jevon star admits iconic Del Boy bar fall was unscripted

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Only Fools and Horses star Steven Woodcock has revealed what his favourite moment was from filming the comedy sitcom, as the series celebrates 40 years of success.

The hilarious programme – which was fronted by David Jason as Del Boy and Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney – has a never-ending amount of comical scenes.

But there is one that sticks out in most fans' minds as the favourite, which also coincides with Steven's choice as well.

The 57-year-old actor appeared on a Facebook Live interview with the Daily Star where he told all about his time on the iconic show.

When recalling his most golden Only Fools moment, he said: "It really is and has to be the moment of seeing Del fall through the bar, I actually saw it happen.

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"It was never originally scripted so I was doing my lines and he was working and a lighting man was asked by his teammates 'can you open the barn doors on that redhead?'"

Steven explained that a redhead is industry terms for a light, which the technician went to immediately fix at his colleague's request.

He continued: "And he was actually standing behind the bar at the time.

"It was just a rehearsal – you get one for camera, one for sound, one for the actors and lighting tends to work around you on rehearsal.

"So Del and Trigger are doing their bit and this spark was asked to open the barn doors on the lamp.

"So this spark came out from behind the bar from where he was observing things, lifted up the flap and walked out, and just at that moment was when Del went to lean on the bar.

"And he went straight through the bar and we were like 'no you've gotta keep that'.

He also explained that Roger Lloyd-Pack's reaction was genuine as he had no idea that David has disappeared.

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Steven continued: "Roger was just how he played it, like 'well where is he?'

"I'm sitting in the auditorium doing my lines and I'm thinking Steven 'don't laugh, don't laugh at this situation'.

"Roger who is playing Trigger was looking around and thinking 'where is he?'"

The star concluded: "That was my funniest moment and although it was offset it actually created something that when I see on TV I think I know that moment closer than most.

"It wasn't in the script originally actually, it was something that happened by chance and we were like 'yeah, we need to keep that, it's got to go in."

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